LURK'n Thanksgiving Trip Plans


3 weeks from now we’ll be on ME, heading toward CSR! Our packet arrived this week. Finally feeling close. Anxious to get back, and excited about our plans. Really looking forward to the nice weather.

Plans include all park parades and nighttime shows, including Osborne lights. If anyone wants to offer suggestions for Wednesday, feel free.

And in case it’s not clear what all the “Options” mean, I’ll explain. We need to decide – after flying in Friday afternoon – whether to do the A path of Options (A1, A2, A3) or the B path (B1, B2, B3).

As much as everyone has convinced me to do MVMCP (Friday is the only night it’s offered during our stay)… and despite never being to any party before… and not planning to return for 9 years… I’m still leaning away from the party, toward the B options. Here’s why:

 MVMCP was sold out on this night last year. That means crowds until later that night. Not sold out yet this year, maybe because they’ve added an extra party this year on the 15th (the night before). Nonetheless, being Friday, it’ll still probably be crowded.

 Even though it’s not the same, Option B still gives us at least a distant view of MVMCP fireworks from the Poly.

 Option B puts us at ‘Ohana on a non-park day, whereas Option A requires us to leave MK (short trip though it is) to eat at ‘Ohana.

 Our original flight got moved up almost 3 hours, allowing us to arrive at 1:30, to make this even possible in the first place (a sign?). Still, it probably doesn’t allow time for naps (children old enough not to need them (12 and 9), but parents almost old enough (40+) to require them!). Thinking we may be dragging at midnight, considering a 2 hour flight and being up 17 or 18 hours.

 No advanced discounts are offered for the party this night. That means over $200 for the 4 of us.

 This also means there is no harm in waiting until the last minute, in case the flight is delayed or the weather is bad. If it’s sold out when we arrive – or rainy – “that’s life”. And one less decision to make. At that point, it’s definitely the B path!

 The later night Friday would mean we’d need to sleep in Saturday, and miss MK opening, and all the perks that go with no crowds that time of day (MK is a MUST-DO for us on Saturday, before the crowds hit)

 It also means not eating breakfast at Crystal Palace before the park opens, and the feeling of having the whole park “to ourselves” our first morning. (Although we get a little of that on our last day under Option A, MK would open that last day while we’re eating, making us miss out on additional valuable “non-crowded MK” time).

So by putting this in writing, I’m seeing that it really mostly comes down to this: Is MVMCP really worth sacrificing a few more rides during the course of the week, a bit of less crowded park time, and $200? Opinions are welcome but not required (but they MIGHT get you “member of the month” points!).
At any rate, here are our plans:

Fri 11/16
…ME to CSR early afternoon
Option A1:
…Purchase tickets and attend MVMCP
…Dinner at LTT – 5:10
…MVMCP Fireworks – 9:30
…Last parade
…Leave at midnight
Option B1:
…Dinner at ‘OHANA – 7:15
…Water Parade – 9:00
…View MVMCP fireworks from Poly – 9:30
…Leave at 10:00

Sat 11/17
Option A2:
…Sleep in
…MK day
…Dinner at ‘OHANA – 5:15
Option B2:
…Breakfast at CP before 9:00 park opening – 8:05
…MK day
…Dinner at LTT – 6:00
…Leave at midnight

Sun 11/18
…MGM day
…Snacks at SCI FI – 1:30
…Osborne lights
…Fantasmic – 8:00

Mon 11/19
…AK EMH 7 a.m.
…Hop to Epcot before lunch
LeCELIER – 6:00
…Illuminations? (or defer to Friday if favorable forecast)

Tues 11/20
…Epcot EMH 8 a.m.
…Hop to AK after lunch for parade
BOMA – 6:10

Wed 11/21
…Free Day
…Blizzard Beach or resort pool or D Quest or DTD or parks (we added an extra day to our tickets for just a handful of dollars extra, just in case)
HDD – 7:15

Thur 11/22
…Seaworld Day
…6:30 Seaworld Luau

Fri 11/24
Option A3
…Breakfast at CP after 8:00 park opening – 8:05
Option B3
…MK rope drop 8:00

…MK favorite attractions a.m.
…Hop to Epcot
…Candlelight Processional – 8:15
…Holiday Illuminations – 9:30

Sat 11/25
…ME departure – 7 a.m.


Here is something to consider for your Friday and Saturday dilemma:

MVMCP: If you do the MVMCP on Friday you will have an opportunity do do most of your favorite rides with very little wait (crowded or not). If you aren’t going to be back for another 9 years it might be worth the splurge.

O’Hana: Obviously, the 7 ressie on Friday would be great because you wouldn’t be rushing from a park to get there. BUT, knowing that you have had a wonderful eveining riding many rides on Friday at the MVMCP would make it easier to leave the park early for your 5:30 ressie on Saturday. Although, you will be giving up that extra sleep in time.

Tough call, but I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the MVMCP.

I am not sure what to advise about rope drop vs. CP. If it were me I would be inclined to to CP.

Good luck on your choices!!!


Well this is certainly a dilemma. I normally would recommend the MVMCP, but, since it will be over $200 for you, and, it is the Friday before Thanksgiving, you might not want to do it. I know they limit the tickets sold for these events, but, you still might wind up with a pretty large crowd.


One more point. What is $200 when you will be dropping a GAZILLION, TRILLION dollars anyway?:laugh:


In March, we went to the Pirate and Princess Party… Don’t throw eggs at me everyone, but I thought it was not worth the extra $. The special fireworks were wonderful, though. I haven’t been to MVMCP, so maybe someone could explain if there is value in the $200 ticket price?

I’m leaning towards voting for option B…


I’m so impressed! Not only with your well thought out plans, but because you know how to spell 'Ohana (the most misspelled (I think) WDW word)!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
My spellcheck in Word actually caught that! Not sure if it came that way, or I long ago added it myself!


You are WAY ahead of me my friend. I really need to get all my stuff together for this trip. I hope we cross paths at some points! Don’t be afraid to say hello if you see me. :smile:


Nobody’s throwing anything!:happy: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And its important to hear about all experiences, good and bad. We had the opposite experience with the Pirate and Princess Party in August. I didn’t think it was going to be worth the extra $$, but it was for us! The crowds alone made it worth our while.

I have been to a few MVMCP’s that were disappointing though. One year, it seemed like the park was more crowded for the party than during the day. Also, we had the bad luck of having extremely cold weather one year, and :eek: !


Hey wish, I must’ve been PM’ing you as you were posting this. glad you saw this.

Ahead of you? I thought I saw you post your plans days ago? Seems like I even responded.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you.


I want to say that if it were me, I would wait until I had arrived to buy the hard tickets. If it’s not sold out, they’re easy enough to get, If they’re sold out, then you get up early in the morning, like you’ve planned and enjoy the MK all to yourself :wink:
I like you plans :smile:


Now you say that? Now??? :eek:


I would say wait till you get there to get the tickets. With the flight and all you never know what will happen and it would really stink to be delayed and end up out the money. Then if its not sold out and you are up to it you can go but if it is sold out or you are too tired you don’t have to worry about it. To me, it seems like it might end up a thing that you have to go instead of wanting to go.


Regardless what you decide you have a nice plan and back up plan… should be a great time.


I think the plans look good. Hope you have a great trip


Check out the following advice I got. I told him it was too good to keep to myself, so with his permission, I’m posting here. Care to guess who provided these lovely morsels?


He is amazing with his knowledge and of the place and knowhow with the technical stuff :smile:


It looks like you have a very fun plan set for your vacation!!! :happy:

You do have a hard decision to make! :pinch: Good luck, because I cannot make up my opinion offering mind! :laugh:


Thanks, all, for the compliments on the plans, all the helpful advice, and the benefits of your experiences, good and bad. It really is a tough call, isn’t it?

After discussing it this weekend, we’re now leaning toward option A. It - for us - could literally be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 8 years from now, we’ll remember the time at the party much more than any extra benefits we might have gained from the option B route.

So, here’s how I think we’ll approach it:

IF we have enough time to get to MK by 5:00 after checking in, and…
IF we feel fresh enough to stay up ‘til midnight, and…
IF the weather appears decent,
THEN we will head to MK, and…
IF they still have tickets available for MVMCP that night…
THEN we’ll pluck down our $200 and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience;
ELSE, we’ll go with Plan B, making sure we incorporate SG’s ideas about seeing both sets of fireworks from ideal viewing spots.

Now to get packing. :angry:


You mistakenly used the wrong smiley… it should be this one :biggrin: or this :happy: or this :wub:

:laugh: :laugh: