LuvDisney's family fun Trip


Alright everyone…I am sorry that I have taken so long to get on with my TR. Got back home and things were a little crazy. But I am ready to start.


Yay a new TR to read! Can’t wait!


Our wonderful cast

DM(or Aba as the kids call her)
DMIL(or Yayi as the kids call her)
DS(my sister or Mina as the kids call her)

December 7-10
All Star Sports( I was actually quite happy with it but I did arrive not knowing what to expect)

We got on the road around 4:30pm Friday afternoon. We had an uneventful drive except for a little traffic(but I guess leaving from Miami what else can you expect).

Arrived at the All Star Sports at about 8:00pm and my DH and Dsis went to check us all in. I had requested 2 rooms in the preferred building so that my DM and DMIL wouldn’t have a far walk to the food court and buses. We got our rooms in building 6 right next to each other just as we had asked. I got worried because we were facing the pool and boy was their people in the pool.
We left our stuff in the car and went over to the food court for some dinner. I thought to myself that we were in for a long weekend because the food court and pool area was packed with people but I guess they checked out the next morning because that was the only time that their were a lot of people around. The food was pretty good for being a food court.
We had burgers and hotdogs. My DM had a cheese quesadilla that she said was good.

After dinner, my DH, Dsis and I went to the car to get all of our belongings and headed back to our rooms for showers and off to sleep we all went.

When we got in the room we found on of these


Saturday, December 8

We had an 8:00am wake up call by Stitch and Mickey that the kids loved. We got dressed and went down to the lobby to get our tickets and then be on our way.
Here are a few pictures of the lobby.
This is the tree in the Lobby

This is one of the ornaments…I took this picture since my DD just started playing soccer


We all jumped in our car and drove on over to the Boardwalk. We wanted to take my DMIL so that she could see how beautiful it was. After walking around a little I remembered that we could take a boat on over to MGM(The Studios…not sure what to call it now). So we did!! It was such a nice ride. The weather was nice. Not too hot, not cold.:flowers:


We arrived at MGM and rented our double stroller. Made our way on over to Hollywood and Vine for our 10:30am reservation. All that I have to say about this breakfast is WOW!!! The food was delicious, characters were great and I guess the fact that their wasn’t a lot of people was the best part. But seriously everything that we tasted was super YUMMY!!!

When the characters started coming out my son was soooo excited. I have to say that this is the first time that he truly enjoys every part of WDW. We went back in April and I don’t think he enjoyed it quite as much as he did on this trip.

Here they are waiting for some food and for the characters to come around

Here is Goliath and my kiddos


My DD told June that she loves to dance as well so here they are


Every so often during breakfast all the kids are invited to come up and dance with the characters. Lucky for me, my kids had finished eating when they called them up. Here are my kiddos singing and dancing with Goliath.


So after dancing they came back for a little more character interaction.

Here is Leo

And Jojo


As I said before, breakfast was delicious and so we are on our way. Our next stop was waiting in the hot sun for the High School Musical 2 concert to make its way to the “HAT”. It was a little warm while we were waiting but who was going to tell my daughter that we weren’t going to see it. It was lots of fun and a few parts where they have kids come up and help them making music and playing LIMBO. They really enjoyed it!!

Here is a picture of Sophia with the pom poms and Victor with the basketball

The start of the concert

Helping with the music


One of the main reasons for coming to MGM was to see anything CARS. My son LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSSS Cars. We knew that they would make appearances just like the other characters do so we had to make it a point to see them. We obviously had to wait in line because as you can imagine my son is not the only fan of CARS. As we were waiting this is what my son decided to do…

This picture made me think to myself if it’s my DS or my DH loves CARS more. Look at their faces…


I’ll be back in a little bit to continue…


Your kids are adorable! I love your tr so far!


Great TR so far! I love how furry Goliath is!


great report. I love the pic of your DH and son…they looked so excited…lol


And so we continue…

Here they come driving down the road…

After getting his first glimpse of Lightning McQueen and Mater we got to get up close and take picture with them.


Once we finished with the CARS we made our way on over to Light, Motors, Action!!! My DH and I had really wanted to see this so we waited in line and what a great show that was…


After the show we went to see the Muppet’s show. As we are walking in I tell my sister to look at the sign by the entrance about the key. She was soooo afraid to touch the key because she might get in trouble(mind you she is 39 years old). She kept asking me, What do you think it will open…should I try it???

As we walked out of Muppet’s, my DH, who had not gone in with us was sitting right outside of the exit with my very asleep DS in the hard blue stroller. I notice that Buzz and Woody have come out and there is no one there. So we wait and wait and wait…Did I mention that we waited a lot. Well, not too many people were there to see them. After about a 45 minute nap I decide to wake up my DS so he can see them since he thinks that he is Buzz and Woody. Can you imagine that as I am walking right up to the line the CM tells us, they’ll be back in a little while for more pictures.:ohmy: I could not believe that I had woken up DS and he didn’t get to see them. Well he did, a little while later.

Here are 2 pictures of the kiddos with Woody


After hanging out with Woody for a little while we decided to be on our way and head on over to EPCOT. On the way out of the park we ran into these 2 guys.

Sophia is under all that blue fur somewhere…

Victor is somewhere under there as well…

My own little monster


So we said goodbye to The Studios and were on our way to EPCOT. I took this picture before getting on the boat over to Epcot.

Those 2 little things almost under the tree are my kiddos…:tinytree: :snowman: :sled: :santa:


Good night to everyone for now. I will continue with Saturday tomorrow.