Luxo Jr. Premieres at DHS


This looks so cute! :heart:

DisneyShawn: An Illuminated Personality

I hope we get to see him!!


Oh my, I am so excited. We have enjoyed Luxo Jr. for many years now. I can’t wait to see him.


Man- I just missed it!


Looks cute. Hope we get to see him too


It always amazes me how Disney pulls this stuff off! ADORABLE! :heart:


The magic of Disney. Turning a lamp into an integral part of the backdrop at HS. Awesome!


For some reason that link isn’t loading right for me I keep getting the “cannot open” pop-up & then I can’t see it. :sad:


I love this little guy!


I got it to work, not sure what happened before! SOOOO CUTE!


Sooo excited about seeing Luxo! Thanks for the link!


Now I will have to make a point of looking for him. Looks adorable!


My youngest will love this!


I will be on the look out for Luxo jr. in October! The kids will love it!


Now that looks like fun! These attentions to detail are what make Disney just so special!!


I will certainly be on the lookout during our next trip. (I’ll be looking for Hidden Mickey’s, what’s one more think to look for?) I love Pixar films and shorts. I was SOOOO happy when Disney and Pixar “reconciled”…I was worried about a “divorce” and just feel that Pixar and Disney simply belong together.