LynnA first family trip to WDW for Christmas or ever


Background, We are a family of 5, DH 43, me 43, DS 9, DD 7, DS 5, none of which have ever been to WDW.
I had been planning our trip for 11 1/2 months, I did everything I could to research as much as I could all year, believe it or not I didn’t find Disneycentral until after our trip!
I decided to stay at the Polynesian because since I was a child I dreamed of staying there

Friday Dec 23, Flight out of Atlantic City was delayed 3 1/2 hours, we missed our ADR at Ohana :sad: , magic express was great, we arrived at the Poly just before midnight, we were hungry & tired, but I had a glimmer of hope. We ate at Captain Cook’s. I explained to the lady what a day we had and how I was sure things would get better, she was sweet, gave us all free cookies to help cheer us up. Food seemed acceptable but we were all soooo tired. We went to our room, it was lovely, but our luggage wasn’t there, it arrived at 2:15am, DH said I could go to sleep he would wait up for it. We all fell into bed.

Sat Dec 24- We had a ADR at Ohana for breakfast, it was amazing, when Stitch & Mickey came to our table I started to cry, I was so happy, the food was good but I was so excited I hardly noticed. I had planned the Perfectly Princess Tea for my daughter so after breakfast we went back to the room to change, she wore a beautiful pink princess dress that I had someone make for her, while we were changing, the men went to the marina to start their fishing trip I had planned for them. DD and I went to the monorail station to wait, I had a lovely conversation with the CM he was sweet, when the monorail arrived he told us the pilots name was Jim and we were to ride with him during our trip, another tear came to my eye. The ride to the GF was magical. We arrived at the GF, it was amazing. My DD noticed the gingerbread house right away especially because we had seen it on television.
We headed to the Princess tea we were the first to arrive, the staff greeted us they were so friendly, each little girl was announce, Princess Ariana was given a tiara, a rose and sprinkled with rose petals, waiting at our table was a princess doll and a silver bracelet. The whole experience was breathtaking. Rose Petal arrived and she sang and told stories while we drank tea, the princess were given tea pots and strainers with apple juice,lol.
queen’s were given tea, it was so proper,lol. The food was little tea sandwiches & fruit, cheese & crackers, cake for dessert. The food was okay but the experience was beyond compare. Each girl got a private audience with Sleeping Beauty & Rose Petal. This was my daughters favorite part of the trip and worth every penny.
When we arrived back to the room we changed and waited for the men. DH said they had a wonderful time, the captain of the boat was very friendly and their boat caught the most fish of anyone that morning 10 fish. My DS 5yr
caught the biggest fish 4 3/4 lbs. and he fell in,lol. All in all a wonderful morning.

more to come

Installment two
After our eventful morning we decided to head to MGM and Pizza Planet for lunch. We got our food and headed upstairs because it seemed less crowded. Everyone ate lunch but me, I was still full from the Tea. While sitting there I took the opportunity to speak with the gentleman cleaning the tables. He was extemely friendly. He explained that he had been working at WDW since high school, he looked like he was in his late twenties or better.
He took time to play a Toy Story trivia game with my children. When he was finished he gave them each a souvenir mug, it was just another amazing thing that happened on our trip.
We walked around MGM and went on the Star Wars ride, it was exciting. When we exited the ride we were in the gift shop. It wasn’t too crowded so a CM asked us if we wanted to have the children’s pictures inserted in a Star Wars poster. She took their pictures in front of a blank screen and then inserted their faces on the bodies of Star Wars characters, it was unbelievable! I made my first purchase at WDW. LOL
We then headed back to the Polynesian because we had reservations for the Luau. I thought the kids would love it. I was wrong. The boys hated it, they left right after dinner. DD and I stayed but not for long, as soon as they brought out the fire batons she was ready to leave, a little scary I guess. I thought the show was entertaining but I didn’t get the full effect because of whinny kids. Needless to say it won’t be on our list of things to do next time. If nothing else we got to go to bed early to start our next day, Christmas Day 2005 at WDW.

More to come, I hope you are still interested.


What a magical start to your family’s first ever trip to WDW! I look forward to reading more.

Welcome to DC :mickey:


This sounds exciting!! Can’t wait to hear more!!!
Oh, and WELCOME!!!


What Fun!!! :smile:


Oh - I LOVE your first day! What a magical way to start your holiday! Can’t wait for more!


I’m so happy to hear such a great review of the Princess Tea Party. My DD will be 7 on our next trip and I SOOO want to do that with her!!

Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!!


I loved your review of the Perfectly Princess Tea Party! What a great way to start your trip! Disney Magic was definitely working for you :c)

Did your son fall in the water, or the fish? Just wondering!


What an awesomr start to your trip, I can’t wait for more.


Your first day sounded wonderful! Welcome to DC :mickey:


first … I am happy you found DC :slight_smile: even if it was after your trip!! second so far I agree that your trip report has a magical beginning, even though your flight was delayed and your lugguage. Looking forward to the rest :mickey:


Welcome to DC! What a great way for us to get to know you!


What perfect first day at WDW. You guys had a rought travel day, but your first day of magic more than made up for it. I always well up with tears during a character meal…brings back so many memories of when my DD was a little, little girl. she’s almost 12 now and I still get the same happiness seeing her interact with the characters…such magic. I can’t wait to hear more about this trip.


Where’s the rest!?!?!?!?!


Welcome to DC and so sorry you found this after your trip . I am also sorry you missed your Ohana Dinner ( my favorite on property ) but I am glad you got to experience it for breakfast I cant wait to hear more


Welcome to DC! Great start to your TR, we were at GF when you were as we has breakfast at 1900 park fare that morning at 11.00 and we saw a number of princess going to tea and a few sitting around as we left breakfast!


Magical!!! Wow what a way to start a Disney Vacation, the first one too.
I cannot wait to hear more.


It sounds like you had a great time! Welcome to DC!!!