Lynx from WDW to Sea World....Suggestions?


Has anyone ever taken the bus from WDW? Where is the best place to catch the bus? what number is it? Do we have to transfer? Is it worth it? We are staying on property and for the 1st time ever we are not renting a car so we are in need of some advice. Thank you!


Sorry Dawn, I have no info on the bus system to Sea World. I’m not sure if there even is one but I truly have no idea.

Congrats on staying at a Disney property; you’ll love it.


What bus are you speaking of?


I read a post somewhere about someone using the bus…but I don’t think it was on this board. This maybe be bus #50
Call Lynx and ask if that’s the right bus #.


We did a bus from Disney to sea world a few years ago!
transport will tell you what bus number to get. depending on how many are traveling and your budget - I would advise against it as it took so long to get from your resort to transportation the wait for Sea world bus then the same coming back.
I can not remember how much it cost but recall that if three people were traveling it was cheaper in a taxi.

here is a link for quicksilver but in sure there is lots of other taxi offers.

Quicksilver Tours & Transportation : Orlando airport Disney World transportation.


It is bus 50. You can pick it up at the Transportation and Ticket Center (there may be other stops on other property) It looks like it will take 40-50 minutes at a cost of $1.75/person


Lynx 50 is the bus for you. We used it when going from Sea World to Disney, we got off at Downtown though and it only took about 15 minutes or so. The Sea World bus stop is about a 5 - 10 minute walk to the main entrance. Have you not considered taking a cab for the convinience?


Thanks to everyone for your help. I think if we decide to go we will use a car service or a taxi. With 2 little girls 6 & 7 it will be best.