M e?


Hi all! I have never used ME before and will be in May. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of using this service? I will only have me and my DD6 with me and we will not be checking any luggage.
Thanks all!


It’s free
They take care of your checked luggage
The buses are very nice
You don’t have to drive in a strange place

You don’t have a stop for snacks and drinks
You might have a full bus and be the last of 3 or 4 stops
You might have to wait 15 minutes to board the bus
The pick up time is 3 hours before your return flight and for some people that’s too early

We have used ME several times and haven’t had a problem. We are usually at our resort in under an hour.


Thanks for the info Disney Teacher. Keith at Mousektrips always asks if we need ME but were never sure what it entailed.


We love ME and plan to use it for as long as it lasts. It’s always been quick and easy for us and I can be picky.


Thanks for the info DT! I have never used it. My DH and I always rent a car but I dont want to have to pay the extra money for just Madison and I. So they pick you up 3 hours before? I will keep that in mind while purchasing my air home. Thanks

Oh… Do they still give out ME pins in the mail?


I don’t think so because I was hoping to get one last summer and didn’t. I also didn’t see the pins around the parks like I have in the past.


We love it. Never had a problem.


I remember when we were going to use it they sent us a pin coupon to exchange in the gift shops.


They did that for hte first couple of years but I think it’s stopped. Too bad but I understand. My son has maybe 4 ME pins because he wouldn’t trade them.


We’ve been using Magical Express since it started, these are the pros & cons in my experiences:


  • gets you in the Disney spirit from the moment you arrive
  • reliable luggage handling
  • FREE door to door service
  • VERY ORGANIZED service; desk is easy to find, CMs handle your transfer with a Disney smile, there are very organized lines for each resort, & it’s really efficiently run
  • beautiful & colorful buses w/ Disney videos
  • traveling to the resorts with families just as excited as you


  • You may not get all of your check luggage immediately, it can take up to a few hours
  • If you’re the LAST stop on the route it can make you feel real anxious! We were on a ME once that had FOUR resort stops & OF COURSE we were LAST!


Thanks all! I think its a done deal!!! ME here we come!!! I will save the rental car fare for BBB but shhhhhhh… Its a surprise!!


I have used ME 3 times and have never had a problem. I love not having to deal with baggage claim or checking the bags at the airport. Our luggage was always delivered to our room within a few hours and it never took more than an hour and a half from landing to get to our resort.


I’m so excited about staying on-site that I’m taking ME even though we’re renting a car. I want to have the complete on-site experience. So, my husband is going to pick up the rental car while my son and I ride ME.

Although, now that I know that you’re picked up three hours before your return flight, I may elect to only take it from the airport and not to the airport.


We used ME in August for the first time - loved it. We got our luggage right away. The best part - it’s FREE!!!


I was just going to ask this same question.

If you are the last of 4 stops, how long will it take?

Do they separate you according to the resort you are going to?

Is it more crowded on the morning flights than the afternoon flights?



The time it takes will depend on how many people are on your bus. The resorts are in the same area so you aren’t driving all over so it really goes fast. We flew in about 10 am in December and our bus was fairly empty, maybe 1/3 full at best. We flew in at 8 pm once and there was one other person on our bus. My guess is afternoon is the busiest time for ME.