M-I-C See Ya Real Soon!


Well, I will be leaving work in about an hour and hitting the road to Florida! We plan to get to at least St. Augustine before stopping. My sister (donaldschick) is bringing her lap top and we MAY try to do a live TR but don’t get your hopes up :laugh:. I hope everyone has a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Have a great trip!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Don’t forget a jacket, it is cool here right now. Have a safe trip!


Have a safe and fun trip!


Have a magical time!! :wub:


Have a great trip ladies!! I can’t wait to see how much Aiden and Emilie have grown!


Rumors of a possible live TR? FABULOUS! But no pressure…:happy:

Have fun! Safe travels!


Have a safe and fun trip and we all look forward to hopefully a live TR


Have an absolutely Magical, Wonderful, Amazing time! Happy Thanksgiving!


Have a wonderful trip!!


Have a safe trip!


Have fun. Be safe.


Have a great time!


Have a wonderful trip!


Bring some heavy coats, it is freezing at night. We’ve been in the 30’s almost every night. It may even be colder up in Orlando. We are 3 hours south of Orlando.