MAC: Venomous Villains


I’m sure some of you have read this on other sites, especially the makeup lovers, but I didn’t see it here. It was rumored and teased for a while, but confirmed a few weeks ago. Mac is releasing a fall collection that features a few Disney villains. US Release date is scheduled for 30 Sept 2010.

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Temptalia has more pictures and info. And just for kicks, MAC has this teaser on their website (there’s no info there, just some prettiness.

I will be buying every. single. piece. New MAC collections always go quickly, but with they hype surrounding this one in the makeup community, I suggest that if you want them, you order them as soon as it’s possible.

ETA: Swatches of products have been released.


I’m on it.


I love MAC make up but this collection looks amazing.


I’ve never used MAC, but my best friend swears by it. I have such sensitive skin, I’m terrified of trying new makeups. My oldest DD is very excited by this Disney Villains line, though. She might get some for her birthday. Thank you for posting!


I think it will highlight my eyes.


It will make your eyes look fabulous! You have to get the whole line, Boss!:rolleyes::laugh:


So if MAC do a Disney line I reckon Disney should open up a nice little MAC Boutique on site somewhere!


help who is MAC?


Bumping for anyone who was interested. Swatches have been released. The collection will launch on 30 Sept in the US and sometime in Oct for international.

These 2 bloggers are among those who were invited to the press event, they both show some behind the scenes MAC/Disney pictures and info, as well as the products. (The first link has everything condensed into 1 nice post.)

MAC Venomous Villains: 101 Things You Didn’t Know: Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips and Drugstore Beauty Finds

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I’m going to go broke when this is released. :ph34r:


I also think so.