Macdonalds at DTD to close


Just read on Allears that the macdonalds at Downtown is to close in April Here is the link if anyone interested? Can’t say I am that bothered although it was handy if you ever just wanted to grab a quick snack to keep you going. My dd will be miffed for sure!

Pollo Campero and Levy Campero Announce First Combined Restaurant Concept to Open at Downtown Disney® Marketplace (Disney News Blog)


I always go at least one time during our trip… boo hoo:crying:


this was posted before,but it seems to me that this might be part of the detiorating relationship between disney and mcdonalds…one of the first falling outs was the happy meal toy…they no longer partner with disney on movie promos…not to say that the new place won’t be good but both would have been better…here in san diego we had a MCD in a mall called fashion mall, i knew the owner ,they at one time had a great location and were always busy about 10 years ago the mall would not let ,them stay in location they moved to a second floor location,almost hidden you had tolook to find them…this lease renewal my friend said we might not renew and I said no way,well it happened no MCD’S…had to settle for a lousyslice of pizza and a drink for 7 dollars,you see the food court is awful,and the better options are sit down,but if you haven’t got much time ,well then it is the food court…and we all understand how bad food courts are when half ofthem are handling out samples to try to lure you in


We do also. Dang, what will we do when we want a cheap meal?:laugh:


well,you are a captive audience…but I too will miss mcdonalds even if it was just for the mcflurry,


Its a shame, cheap meals at Disney are always the best kind. What will we do? :frowning:


I guess I’m out of the norm. Haven’t been to a McDonald’s in over a year, and have never gone while at Disney. So, I won’t be missing it. Maybe they will bring in another Earl of Sandwich!


another consideration is no free wifi…