Made ADRs for SURPRISE trip yesterday!


So as I posted on another thread. We are surprising DD with a mini-trip in March and celebrating our anniversary. I’m still floored DH went for this. Anyway, I immediately made ADRs here is what we have planned.

March 16 - Arrival - Check into Pop and go to 1900 Park Fare for dinner at 6:10 PM

March 17 – MK – Lunch 12:50PM at Crystal Palace

March 18 – MGM – Lunch 12:50PM at Sci-Fi

March 19 – Check out – AK – Donald’s Breakfast 8:00 AM

The only one we haven’t tried is Donald’s. With this being the shortest trip we’ve taken we are trying to get alot of Character meals in so we don’t have to spend so much time hunting for them at the parks. So how does this sound for a quick mini-trip???


Those sounds like great choices to me! And suddenly, I am really hungry…

Have a great trip and be sure to stop by Adventureland to say hi! :mickey:


That sounds like a good plan to me!


I think you are a genius!!! Making ADR’s for more character meals so you don’t have to take away from that very precious park time… What a great idea. Do you think your kids will buy it? :biggrin:


Very good idea :smile: Hope ya’ll have a great time.


I think she will buy it, the only characters left that I know she will want to hunt for are the Princesses and Kim Possible. Plus we just went in October for 9 days so she got 98% of them on that trip. We shall see.


I am very excited for you! How fun to have a surprise trip. We also love the character meals for the same reason. Less hunting for the characters when we are out.


I think you picked the 4 best places for a trip of that duration!!

You’ve got yourself the 3 of the best character meals and Sci-Fi is a great place to relax and have lunch.


Great choices! No worrie about breakfastsaurus…it’s a blast. The CMs there totally rock. I have had some great service there…above and beyond. The food is typical breakfast fare and there is tons of things to choose from…even the pickiest of eaters go away happy.


Your Adrs look great :mickey: We are also trying Donalds Breakfast for the first time this May!


the choices sound great. have you considered maybe the princess storybook for breakfast so your DD can meet some princesses, too? or you can also go for the 1900 park fare to meet mary poppins, alice and the mad hatter, tigger and pooh for breakfast and the cast of cinderella for dinner.


We do not plan on going to Epcot at all on this trip because it is so short and there isn’t anything there that DD would be disappointed in missing. We loved 1900 Park Fare both times we’ve been before and honestly it didn’t cross DH or my mind when we hurridedly decided on ADRs. I’m going to have to discuss it with him because I much prefer 1900 Park Fare over Chef Mickey’s any day! Thanks so much Tragic for bringing this up!! We’ll see what he says.


Your choices look great! I can’t wait to hear how excited your DD is when she finds out about the trip.


Sounds GREAT WillBeGone!!! I’ve never tried the donald’s breakfast, let us know how you liked it!!


Thank you Tragic for point out the Princess thing. We did decide to switch Chef Mickey’s for 1900 Park Fare. We already had Donald, Goofy, etc at Donald’s Breafast and Mickey is MUCH easier to find in the parks than Cinderella. Thanks again Tragic for pointing this out!


sounds great I cant wait to hear your trip report


Good eye, Tragic!

Willbegone, your plans look GREAT!