Made dining Ressies


I just booked our ADR’s using the Walt Disney World website and that was easy peasy. Has anyone done this before and there been a problem when you went to check in? They sent confirmation e-mails which I have printed and added to our Disney folder. Love easy…


I haven’t done it this way before, but I did for our upcoming trip! I also loved how easy it was, but can’t speak to the accuracy when you arrive! Here’s hoping!


Great. I have done it several times and it has always been good for me.


This is the only way as far as I am concerned anymore. It is so easy and I don’t have to go through 10,000,000 loops to get someone on the phone. Plus you can do it from your smart phone in the parks as well. I love that it will give you options as to what is available.


I absolutely :heart: on-line booking! So easy plus I love the feature that shows all the other options if your’s isn’t available. The only thing that could make it better is if they piped in the Disney music you hear on the phone into their web to give you mood music while making your selections.

I’ve never had any problems at check-in either. :mickey:


I did for Tomorrowland Terrance Dessert Party and it was very easy…the rest I booked over the phone cause I had some questions:happy:


We tried it in the beginning when it was first rolled out, and two of my adrs were not there when we arrived at the restaurants, but I had my confirmation number and they squeezed us in. Judging by everyone elses positive reviews, I assuming all the “bugs” have been ironed out. Just make sure you have your confirmation numbers just in case.


You can pull up a list of confirmation numbers if you look in the my reservation section, and print out a list of all the reservations with the numbers all on one page. If you cancel any, I would hold on to those emails too… just in case they try to charge you for canceling.