Made my ADRs! And got the plane tickets


Hey everyone!
I managed to finally buy the plane tickets for April but I ended up adding yet another leg to my trip… Im flying from Okinawa to Tokyo, Tokyo to LAX. Im staying in California to visit my family for five days. Im then going from LAX to Rochester, New York to visit my grandpa and grandma-in-law for two days. Im then going to Orlando and I will be there from 10 April to 27 May when I fly back to Okinawa. So, in two months my husband and I counted 14-15 cities I will be visiting and like 6 different states. My daughter is going to be a 15 month old thats visited more of the states than I had when I went to boot camp at 19 years old.

I also managed to make my ADRs for Disney today. Heres what I got:
April 12- Crystal Palace 8:50am
April 26- Tusker House Character Breakfest 9:10am
May 10- Liberty Tree Tavern 4:10pm
May 24: Akershus Banquet Hall 8:50am

Wow, looks like this is really happening.


Congratulations!!! The plane tickets make it seem more real don’t they? Have fun with the rest of your planning.


Awesome, congratulations!


oh wow!! Now that is a trip! Congrats on getting the airfare and making the ADRS!!


congrats. Yes, it does make it seem real!


hurray for you!! it’s going to be such a great time!!


Congratulations. This is the beginning of nail biting time :biggrin:


Thanks everyone! Its nice to know other people share in the excitement.

Oh that reminds me I have to make an appointment for nails before I leave. I wonder if they can do mickey heads on the nails… Or I can do dolphins since I know that they put those on the nails…


Sounds great!


Oh how wonderful being able to see your family and still be able to enjoy WDW… have a great time.


Wow, now that is a TRIP! I can’t wait to read a TR on this one!


congrats sounds like a nice long vacation


Congratulations what a great trip.