Made My ADRs Today!


For our trip in June…lemme know whatcha think!

We arrive June 16. Check in WL. Dinner at WC.

June 17 MGM lunch @ Sci Fi - Dinner still up in the air

June 18 Breakfast at Chef Mickeys :mickey: , lunch ?, Dinner CRT

June 19 AK, lunch at Flame Tree. (breakfast and dinner no plans yet)

June 20 Epcot - Lunch will probably be Biergarten, dinner LeCellier :wub:

June 21 Typhoon Lagoon - dinner at Hoop De Do

June 22 Resort hopping - dinner at Ohana.

We want to squeeze in Boma or Jiko somewhere in there, probably on June 19, and my DS really wants to go to Teppanyaki for sushi :blow:

(This is what I’ve done today instead of housework!) :angel:


How exciting! You’re going to have such a good time!

Although I’m a big sushi lover… you can get sushi anywhere…


Your plans look great! Planning a WDW trip always comes before housework!


Yum! I’m jealous! Sounds like you will have a great trip with all those tasty ADRs.


All excellent choices!


Almost anything comes before housework. LOL

The day you have chef mickey’s and CRT, I doubt you will need to even think about a lunch. Maybe a snack at most.


Hey Catfish, we’ll be there at the same time. I’ll be the guy in shorts and a Mickey Mouse baseball hat. (Unless I have a different one on.)

Make sure you wave!


Will do boss! :wink:


Congrats on your ADRs!


Great ADRs!!


Those adr’s look great…and we are going to be there at the same time and have a few of the same adr’s.


Sounds great, Catfish. We’ll be there, too, around those dates, but none of our ADRs match up. We’re going to HDD and O’Hannas as well, but on different days. I’ll have my DC pin attached firmly to my camera case. If you can find a pin in a haystack maybe you’ll be able to find me with my DH and 2 boys. Hope you have a great time!!!


Well that sure makes it easy for her to find you. I am sure there won’t be anyone else there in shorts wearing a MM baseball hat. :tongue: :smile:

Catfish, your ADR’s look great!