Made my ADR's today!


I was SO pumped and so let down today when making my ADRs. ADR day is like a holiday for us Disney trip addicts. It marks exactly 6months before our trip, it allows us something to plan and it’s cool to pick what you are going to do while there to a degree. I got everything that I wanted at almost the times I wanted, but the experience was terrible.

I called at 7:07am the first time. I was on hold until 7:30…I had to hang up and open the doors for my store and then call back…I called back at 7:40 and was on hold until 8:10am…calling long distance mind you as I left my cell in the car. I finally got through to a PERSON (I couldn’t do the automated version because I didn’t have my resort reservation number…never needed it before). The guy’s name was Tug? :dry: and was NOT Disney AT ALL! He actually made a grunt when I didn’t have my reservation number. I apologized and told him I have never needed it before…he didn’t want to hear it:dry: I go through name, address etc and he says “I am going to have to put you back on hold for a few”…:fork_off::fork_off:I am now into an hour of holding and nonsense…I told him that I had been on hold for quite some time and was at work and asked him if it was going to be long and he said " ugh…I am doing the best I can here "…:fork_off::fork_off: He comes back after ten more minutes and just says “what restaurant and which day”…OMG Why didn’t he say “sorry to keep you on hold. How can I help?” I rattled off my first ADR and he says “next”… I asked for a confirmation number and he said “I’ll give you that at the end”…It took forever for this moron to get this all done…30 minutes and 7 ADRs with confirmations later and he says “have a magical day”…I wanted to punch him in his magical face!

I opted to do the survey at the end of the call…much to dismay later.

So negative aside I got what I wanted when I wanted after being tortured by Tug. He are the full trip plans with ADRs.

Day #1 - 8/20
Check in
I have no clue what time we are getting there, so I am not planning anything.

Day #2 - 8/21
Rope drop for HS
Dinner at Via Napoli
Countries at night

Day #3 - 8/22
lunch and Yak and Yeti
DTD at night and possible Trex for dinner - no plans

Day #4 - 8/23
dinner at 1900 Park Fare
MK for evening fireworks etc.

Day #5 - 8/24
Random bus hop for a rope drop…seriously which ever comes first.
Boma for dinner

Day #6 - 8/25
Kona for some TONGA TOAST!
outlet shopping
countries or DTD at night

Day #7 - 8/26
EMH AM at Epcot - Soarin marathon!
Whispering Canyon for dinner
Whatever at night…probally DTD

Day #8 - 8/27
whatever! - I have grown to love the “whatever”

Day #9 - 8/28
Crystal Palace for bfast at 8am
rope drop at the MK
mad dash around WDW to do and see it all or die trying!

Day #10 - 8/29
no idea how this day is going to play out. I want to do HS for rope drop and hit my favs and then start driving. I am in no rush to leave. I am going to see how it goes and how we feel about the driving part. I honestly wouldn’t mind staying until lunch time and then start driving. Stop in SC for the night and get up at the crack of dawn and haul it home. We shall see.

So here are the plans. They aren’t getting any more planned than that. Loose plans that have tons of room to move and change.

Things we must do before we leave:

  1. Ride soarin…we missed it last time
  2. EE marathon
  3. try the new star tours…many times!
  4. Do the haunted mansion first thing in the morning…it’s extra creepy when it’s only you on the ride!
  5. get a silly picture and frame from every attraction that offers it…we did this on EE last year and it was so fun.
  6. Do anything and everything that we can…we can’t go back until 2013. I know I keep saying it and booking anyway, but next year is Sara’s senior year and it’s going to be MEGA bucks, so no trip for me :frowning:


Dana, the plans sound awesome! I love going and pretty much winging it or taking it day by day, other than the committed ADR’s.

You may also love having your car there. You have more freedom and if you have ressies at a resort, driving will save you so much time!


Looks like good choices! I love ADR day!!


All your reservations sound great. I am sorry you had such a horrible experience. I really liked reserving online for my last trip…less stressful. Tonga toast…yum!!


It’s 7:11am and I just finished making 10 reservations on-line!!! With only one interuption from DH!!! Only 3 more ressies to go unfortunately I have to do those over the next 3 days!!!


[QUOTE=Dana;1067604]and he says “have a magical day”…I wanted to punch him in his magical face![/QUOTE]:laugh::laugh::laugh: Made me giggle!


Oh my what a terrible CM. I too have done mine online the last few times. The thing that jumped out at me was “next year will be Sara’s senior year”. ARE YOU SERIOUS? That is unbelievable! Time really does fly! I know it seems even more unbelievable to you.


Dana like you we plan on doing a bunch of whatevers this trip!!! Just see where the days take us!


Love your plans Dana- and especially love your ‘must-do’s’ too!


Yes, I am serious. My baby is going to be a senior in high school. I would do every single day over again with her if I got the chance.:flowers:

I should have done the online ADRs…blech.


I’m still trying to wrap my mind around Sara being a senior!

Sorry about “Tug”.:dry: Nothing worse than a miserable CM! But I’m glad you got everything you wanted and I love your “whatevers”.


Like the ressies.

I see you have Boma for the 24th which is a Wednesday. Have you ever done AK night EMH since it is usually held on Wednesday? If your ressie is an early one you could spend some great time in the park.

Being that it is summer it might be cooler. And Pam and I actually like AK at night. It is so peaceful. And EE is a trip at night. Especially if you can get the very front seat.


Dana, your ADR’s sound FANTASTIC!!! However, your experience with Tug…not so much. :noo: I would DEFINITELY contact Disney to let them know of the UN-Disney experience you had with him this morning. :dry:

In any event, you’re at the 120 day mark…YAY!


I love your ADRs and your “must dos!” Sorry your experience with Tug was not so magical, though.