Made my August ADRs!


I just got off the phone with Disney dining, and my ADRs are all done. The only one I didn’t get was Le Cellier, and I was willing to take any lunch time they had open! They were completely booked. :crying: I decided to just hold off on anything for that day and keep calling back. Maybe someone will cancel!

Here’s my other plans:
August 9–Arrive. Probably go over to Big River for a late lunch.

August 10–Boma for breakfast

August 11–Storybook Princess Breakfast at Akershaus (this is truly a tradition for us–we do it EVERY year–I don’t know if my girls will ever outgrow going to see their beloved princesses!)

August 12–Fantasmic dinner package at Brown Derby

August 13–Dinner at the Crystal Palace

August 14–Taking a day off from the parks. I’m going to surprise my youngest DD with the Disney Girl Perfect Princess Tea Party as an early birthday present (it’s her turn since her big sis did it for her birthday a few years ago) We’ll probably eat at Wolfgang Puck Express later in the day because that’s one of our favorites!

August 15–This is the day I wanted Le Cellier, and I may end up booking Whispering Canyon :confused: anyone with other suggestions?

August 16–leave for home at some point in the day. We drive so we just play it by ear on our last day. We’ll probably grab one more meal at Wolfgang Puck.

Well, there they are. I think that we have a good mix of some of our favorites and some new ones, so I’m excited!


I am hoping for a cancellation at Le Cellier as well. As far as the 15th, how about Garden Grill, since its in Epcot? If not, what about Ohana? The reviews have been very favorable as of late.


Looks like LeCellier is really booked up this year.

I think Whispering Canyon is a great idea. Just visiting the WL is a great idea!


I like Spoodles in place of the basement.


We’ve never been to the Garden Grill. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll think about that one! Thanks!:happy:


Visiting the WL is my biggest reason for wanting to do WC. I’ve also heard great things about the restaurant, but I really want to see the resort!:blush:


The basement!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

We’ve thought about Spoodles too. Not sure if my kids would eat there. I need to look at the kids menu.


Wow, Le Cellier must be popular. We will be there the week before you (Aug 3-6) and couldn’t get an ADR there either. We’re also going to hope for a cancellation. :phone:

Prezcatz Paul


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!:happy:


If you really want Le Cellier call everyday, or go the day you want to go and ask if they have any openings. They always make room for additional diners. Some people don’t show up for their adr’s.


We might try that. DH would especially like LC, and we do so many ADRs just for the kids, I think we should try to do something that is for him.


For lunch France is great


Wow sounds awesome. I have Boma for breakfast booked too, I hope you enjoy it!



Is France a 1 or 2 table service credit on the dining plan?


Hope you enjoy it too! We’ve never tried it before, and I’m really looking forward to it since everyone around here raves about it!


I know Le Chefs De France is 1 credit.


Thanks! Maybe we’ll consider that one. Oldest DD has always wanted to eat there.