Made My December ADR's


:happy: Made my early December ADR’s, I’m very happy with what I was able to get. I made all dinner ADR’s, since we’re not fancy breakfast eaters. Tried to get LeCellier or Coral Reef - no luck.

Day 1 - Arrival Day: Check in at Wilderness Lodge, explore the resort.
Whispering Canyon Cafe (thought this would be fun for the kids)

Day 2 - Boma (one of our favorites)

Day 3 - Liberty Tree Tavern (MVMCP)

Day 4 - Biergarten (thought this would be fun for everyone)

Day 5 - Mama Melrose (Fantasmic dinner package)

Day 6 - Chef Mickey’s (we always end with Chef Mickey’s, it’s our way of saying good buy to the mouse)

Day 7 - Departure Day: Late lunch at Earl of Sandwich


All of your choices look good to me. Although I’ve only eaten at Chef Mickey’s from your list, I’ve heard wonderful things about the rest of the places on your list. Happy Eating!!:blush:


Great choices! Boma is one of our favorites! And I LOVE Chef Mickey’s breakfast! LTT is a great meal, as is Whispering Canyon…although I’ve only eaten there for breakfast! GREAT PICKS!!! :happy:


All your choices are awesome- will be interested to hear what you think of Biergarten as DD is trying to persuade us to try it this trip if possible


I’m really excited about this trip, it’s our first Holiday trip.


Looks Good! Keep trying for LeCellier & Coral Reef, lots of time for cancellations between now and then.



We have a trip sept 15 -25. At our 180 (or there abouts) countdown, we made our ADRs. We were only going to do 5 or 6 TS over the course of the trip. About two weeks ago, my DH and I talked how we really really like our meal at Ohana in April. So I tried to get an ADR. Nothing for the whole week unless we wanted to eat at 9:30 or so. That’s far too late for us. So I keep calling once, maybe twice a day (so glad we have unlimited long distance) and after two weeks, I got Ohana on the day we really wanted at 5:15. whoo hoo.


I may keep trying to change Biergarten to LeCellier or Coral Reef, my parents and my in-laws will be with us, my MIL isn’t to keen on eating German food. I may just keep what I have, it just seems like Biergarten will be a fun place to dine and they do have chicken and pork which should be OK for my MIL.


Those sound like excellent choices!!! I’ve only eaten at WCC and Chef Mickey’s…both of which were great…but I’ve heard wonderful things about all the other places too. :heart: