Made my Ressies!


I just got off the phone with a lovely CM, Galinda (I kept wanting to call her Glinda, the Good Witch!). I got everything I wanted and at the times that I had hoped for… seamless… :cool:

So, here they are; making their Mousebuzz debut… :blush:

8/30 (arrival day) Chef Mickey’s, 705pm, DS choice (he wants to eat with Pluto) :pluto:
8/31 Akershus, 610pm, BFF’s DD’s choice (wants to meet a princess or two, fingers crossed for Ariel or Jasmine) :ariel:
9/1 Prime Time Cafe, 640pm :huh:
9/2 Cape May Cafe Clambake, 720pm :pirate:
9/3 Crystal Palace, 815am, my choice, I’m a sucker for Eeyore and the gang (DS middle name is actually Christopher Robin!!) :wub:
9/4 Ohana, 730pm, farewell dinner :lilo:
9/5 Something out-of-pocket at Downtown Disney, our last stop before we head to the train station… headed home (boo-hiss!) :crying:

These are all new for us… so it will be a fun experience! I’m so ready to go NOW!!



Looks great, glad you got everything you wanted!


That sounds great! I am so glad you got everything you wanted.


Congrats on getting all that you wanted! You have some real good ones there too. Should be a fun trip.


I love Ohana and we’re trying Chef Mickey’s too this time.


Some of my favorites are on your list – Chef Mickey and Crystal Palace. I think you’ll love the fact that you have the early ADR for Crystal Palace and you’ll be able to enjoy Main Street when all is quiet. Be sure to get your picture in front of the castle with the empty streets.


Excellent ADRs!


Hey!! We’ll be at Chef Mickey’s the same night at 6:15! We’ll save some food for you :laugh:


Yes, please do, especially those fabulous mashed potatoes I keep hearing about! And make sure you tell Pluto :pluto: , that Zane (DS) is on his way!! :laugh:



Sounds awesome!




Sounds great!!


got to get them early


They look great! Enjoy!