Made Shirts


I would like to make a shirt for my Disney trip in 16 days. Any ideas? Company’s or myself? :huh:

#2 now has a make your own T section. Go through them and get express delivery. I am doing the same for me. my DD and her girlfriend for Halloween at WDW. Have fun on your trip!


Dana, Doesn’t Disney use the site for the shirts? Or am I seeing things (again)?


Yes, they do. You could just go straight to Zazzle and order them too. I just prefer disneyshoppiung. They have some cool shirts don’t they?


I love designing the shirts! I’ve made myself a Tinkerbell one. I had planned to order one for myself and DH, but he told me that he won’t wear it unless he’s at WDW. I told him Mickey was going to cry now, lol.


Thanks everyone! My DH agreed to wear one this trip.


I went to Disneyshopping and it wouldn’t let me write my own message. Is this the case or did I do it wrong?


You can put names on it or a pretyped phrase. I’m pretty sure you can’t type your own thing on it.


I sometimes make my own tee’s anyone know if I could get in trouble if I used copyrighted images (not selling them just for my own enjoyment).

(If I made my own customized mickey iron on would they toss me out of the park?)


You can go with a professional company. Or you can work wonders with the iron on transfer paper.

You can buy at any craft store. Just use any image program, clipart, fonts, etc and make your image. Use the transfer paper just like regular paper in your printer. Then iron it onto a tee on flat surface. I’ve made plenty of stuff this.

You could also do stencilling but that’s slightly more advanced.


I’m sure no one would bother you, but it’s probably not legal. A case could be made that it’s a violation of trademark due to do dilution of the brand. At least according to DH, who has been reading about this stuff.

Still, I can’t imagine that anyone would bother you. Me, I’m still hoping to make an “I like my husband, but I LOVE Mickey” shirt for the next time I’m at WDW. :laugh:


Ya I was going say use Zazzle. It’s really easy and fun!


My family and I use to make our own shirts. We would get a picture of us from our last Disney trip and put Disney trip (what ever year it was). You could also put your favorite character on there.


I’m sure your husband will just love that shirt, but that is such a cute idea!!!

Here’s some helpful links for Disney Iron On Transfers:
Transfers on Ebay
Printable Iron Ons
Or you could always go to a t-shirt store and see what they can do for you.
You could always design a shirt on disneyshopping and then get fabric paint and paint whatever phrase you want on it after you get it. You could even outline the print for that extra creativity.


I have made shirts at Zazzle and Disney both! :mickey:


Zazzle is great! I made one for my Mom’s 50th birthday trip to DLR in December. They are licensed to use Disney characters, but you can also use your own pictures. I highly recommend.


I ordered shirts off of www.disneyshopping over the weekend and they are taking 6 week for arrival.