Maelstrom.....Be Honest


When you’re finished riding Maelstrom in Norway, and be honest now… when the doors open to the room with the Norway movie, do you walk all the way through and exit back to World Showcase, or do you actually stay and watch the movie? I’m always taking the former option.


Depends on how I feel at the moment and if I have to be somewhere soon.
Actually, I’ve only done Maelstrom twice. It’s too short and doesn’t pack a whole lot of thrills.


We race through. Past the trolls in the gift shop, too and out the door.

It’s just not a trip without a ride on Maelstrom.


I pass through…come on it is Norway…the only thing they have going for them are good neighbors :wink: var sa god :laugh:

(next time you ride look rally hard for the sleeping beauty castle panted in the mural…)


Good neighbors to Denmark, Sweden and Finland anyway.


Party Poopers!!:wink:

You have to stay and watch the movie, it’s educational it’s always good to be reminded how other people live around the world.
It was intended as part of the attraction, and we sit and watch.
(Okay, we walked through once as we had dinner ressies!:wink:)


If it’s roasting hot . . . we stay and watch, it’s a nice A/C break, plus the country is beautiful. My kids love the mini “splash” on the ride, so they’d rather walk through and go on the ride again.

In January we stayed and watched. Last few times we did not!


Not only do I run through, but I don’t even like the wait for the doors to open when you get off the ride to escape!


The best part of that ride is when the doors pop open and my wife freaks…LOL


I almost never ride it at all anymore. After SM, Maelstrom is really kind of…dull, yeah that’s the word I’m looking for, Dull!!!


I walk through. I feel like it is a trap.


I love the Maelstrom but I feel like once you’ve seen the movie a couple times there’s no need to keep repeating it. We skip it now.


We stay for the movie sometimes. Then I go and drool over the sweaters in the shop.


We zoom through unless we are with someone who has never been before.


When we were in WDW in Dec., we stayed for the movies. My kids hated it and it’s very dated. If they update it, I may be more inclined to stay.


We always walk through. I think most of the movie attractions in Epcot are just big commericals for their country. And while the scenery is beautiful and all I would rather spend my time doing other things. Most of the movies are a see one time for me.


I don’t recall ever sitting through that movie… I was about to sit down, one time, and my Dad told me to keep moving! :laugh:

When one of my friends was at Epcot, he texted me and asked what to do, and I gave him a list which happened to include Maelstrom. For some reason, he picked that off the list (I suppose he was in Norway), and I didn’t tell him to skip the movie. To this day, he tells me about how awful Norway is and how I tortured him with that attraction. :rolleyes:


We really enjoy the ride and up until our last trip in October, we would NEVER watch the movie. We finally did and it’ll likely be the last time.


I saw the movie the 1st time we saw the show and since it’s always the same people we wolk thru


we alternate we love this ride it is one of must dos. sometimes we watch sometime not.