Magic Band question


Hey guys,
I do have one concern about the magic bands… does anyone know how a person from a different country (Canada, England, etc.) Is supposed to make fast passes “on the fly”? I know from personal experience taking a smart phone (or any phone) across the Canadian/US border costs you HUGE just to have the phone on, let alone do anything (like using an app) on it. I feel as though these electronic fast passes are a disadvantage to us out of country guests that can’t afford to use our phone while in the parks or even at the resort. Has anyone from outside of the US used this system yet? How did it work for you?


I believe that they have kiosks set up through the park for guests to use.


Are you brining a lap top? If so, you can set them up prior to heading to the park that day. If not, there are kiosks set up like Kim mentioned. I just don’t know where they are. You would have to ask a CM. Also, concierge at the resort helped my UK clients - food for thought.


Here now and at first kiosk are a little hard to find but you catch on easy.


Holly, when you get a chance, can you let us know where you’ve seen the kiosks. I was looking for them, but never saw. Would love to know locations.


Beth, We only saw one during our stay there last week, and it was at the entrance to “Its a Small World” in MK. There were no signs near it and the only way we knew it was for FP+ was that someone asked a castmember how to use it to change a FP time.


If u order a package for next year will they not send them out when paid in full.


Don’t forget that all the Disney hotels have free wifi in lobbies, public areas and rooms.
In fact, many areas of the parks also have free public wifi networks.
So long as you don’t make phone calls and only use the wifi networks, you should be OK.