Magic band


ok, can anyone tell me how much magic bands sell for in the Disney stores at WDW?


The “regular” ones…one color bands…are 12.95. Thee are a few special edition ones around that sell for about twice that…last time I saw them…


Thanks there Smallworld my wife was looking at them on ebay and I figured that the ones she was wanting would be cheaper just to buy there.


I saw a magic band for sale on Amazon for $18… From a private seller. Be careful because if someone got one and didn’t use it a year or so ago, the battery in it will be running down. If you buy it from anyone but Disney…you don’t know how “old” it is…


Since we have a bunch of bands, I’ve started to get the yr on the band too , like for name…Jojo 2015… At least it gives me some idea how old they are.


Oh that’s a good idea!!


I am not a fan of the bands but I guess they will grow on me. I never even considered it was a battery inside the and that they could burn out. Haha


my wife and I got ap and didn’t know we got free bands so we bought character bands mine is a special edition while hers was jiminy cricket thought they were great to use


I’ve started putting the date on ours as well. We have gotten quite a collection of Magic Bands and I don’t know which ones are newer and which ones are old. We’re getting three bands for our next trip plus AP Magic Bands after we get home.