Magic Bands


Hey I have more magic bands questions
So our waitlist came up and now we have all 10 nights at the Beach Club Villas. We will be meeting up with family. They do not have magic bands so do you think we should get passes with them when we arrive or reserve them on our bands and hope they can get the same times. Can we use the fastpass tickets in the parks if we have magic bands. We don’t want to ride without our family.
We have 2 days with my cousin and his family, they are staying at the WLV and they don’t have magic bands. 7 days of our trip my brother in law and his family will be at the swan right near us but again no magic bands.
I wish we could just use the advance fastpass but we won’t ride without them.


You can use the magic bands as well as regular fast passes. However, there are a few rides that are magic band fastpass+ only (ex. enchanted tales with Belle.) Pretty much any pre band fast pass rides will allow you to use both. I know we used both on TSM. It may just be easier just to skip using the bands for FPs and just use your keys to the world to get fps for everyone all at one time.


I have read about 400 things on the MagicBands/FastPass+/MyDisneyExperience and I am STILL confused. LOL Tonight I tried to link our tickets to our resort reservation and could not because one of the tickets was an old non-expiring 10 day ticket purchased in 2009. So no FP+ for us, I guess? Or maybe not. Who knows? Like I said, I am confused. Ha.


You’ll get it once you get there. Apparently there’ just an issue with connecting pre-Oct. 2011 tickets using MDE.


I have our linked one of our “old” 2012 ticket but the second one is giving me issues. Out of our 4 family members I have linked 3 and my husbands ticket won’t link. I have called twice to Disney support and they are stumped.They said they are still working on it and told me not to worry because they should have it resolved for when we get there. Fingers crossed.
PS got email they are arriving today!!!


So do I use the Bands to get into the park and the cards to the world for the in park fastpass?


Yes. The magicbands are super handy at the resort and when making purchases if you link your cc. But, since you have non band users in your group I would use the tickets for fps so no one is left out or standing around waiting for the correct fp time so you can all ride together.


You are lucky that you are getting the bands. We are at OKW a few days before you but they are not set to use them yet at the resort. Bummed we will miss each other by a few days but I am looking forward to seeing a new vacation video from you Tinkerbella :slight_smile:


Four times with support and my band STILL won’t link to my AP.

No pass linked, no FP+. So what good is it?!? Another uncomfortable thing to wear?