Magic Carpet Ride w/Jasmine and many other special Disney magic


We just returned from a 12-day trip to WDW and it was absolutely AMAZING!!! The highlights of the trip for my 4-year old DD were the following:

  1. Last Wednesday at the MK, she and I boarded a magic carpet in Adventureland. Just before the ride started, Jasmine walked over to my daughter and said, “Hi Princess, can I share this magic carpet ride with you?” Of course my daughter said yes and Jasmine took a seat behind us. During the ride, she asked my daughter her name and asked her if she came to the MK on camel or carpet ride. My daughter was smiling from ear to ear. After the ride ended, Jasmine took my daughter by the hand and led her over to her photo/greeting spot in Adventureland and took pictures w/her. It was priceless!

  2. On Friday at Epcot, my daughter wanted to see Mulan. We finally tracked her down in China. Since it was a really rainy day, not a lot of people were there. Mulan came out at 1:30pm w/Mushu. My daughter spent more than 10 minutes w/the two of them. Mulan took her by the hand and led her around the temple and pointed out Mushu’s ancestors on the ceiling. My daughter loved every minute of it. It really, really was again a priceless moment.

  3. At MNSSHP this past Friday evening, my DD went dressed to the party as Snow White. The weather didn’t cooperate and it rained pretty hard. We ended up at the dance party by Ariel’s Grotto. Shortly after arriving, my daughter ended up w/a dance party…Sleepy from the Seven Dwarfs. SO Cute!!!

  4. At Innoventions, the Dream Squad awarded our whole group w/special lanyards and pins :slight_smile:

When life settles down and all of the laundry is put away, I’ll put together a trip report!! The trip was just AWESOME! I’m already looking for a date to go back next year.


It sounds like you had an amazing trip!! Please post some pictures!:happy:


T0219… WOW!
Already, you have packed a whole lot of magic into a few tiny paragraphs. I can’t wait to read the whole TR!!!


What a super trip. You daughter will cherish those photos in years to come.


Moments like that are the reason we all spend so much time and money going to see THE Mouse!


Oh, my goodness! Those are some special memories you made!! Thank you so much for sharing them!


Wow…sounds like you had an AMAZING trip!!! Your daughter will always remember that as probably one of the best times of her life!


You Lucky (donald) Duck!!

Sounds like the vacation was awesome.


WOW! It sounds like you had an absolute magical trip. Can’t wait to read more and see some pics!


AMAZING introduction to your trip report. I don’t know how patient I can be…I’ll try:whistling

I cannot wait to see all of your pictures of these special moments.


Oh wow, what a trip.

Do hurry up with that laundry. Didn’t the cleaning lady clean the house while you were at WDW?

Hurry back and bring your photo album :wink:


WOW!! that all sounds fantastic!! congrats!!


That is Priceless… how wonderful for your daughter.


Sounds like a magical time for your DD. So happy you all enjoyed yourselves.
I hope she has these memories for a lifetime.


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the rest of the details!!


Wow, you certainly did have a magical trip. I bet your daughter is still floating on clouds. :smile:


She definitely had the time of her life! WDW sells a crown pillow that says Disney Princess on the front but has a pocket in the back that is embroidered w/“My Dreams” She already has her wish to go back to Disney in it!

How do I post photos? Or do I just post the link to our website?


WOW, that is amazing, I bet dd was in her glory!! I can’t wait to see all the pics!!


Sounds like you had a TRULY MAGICAL TRIP!! I’m so glad to read this . . . lately it seems there’s been some disappointing times showing up in these TRs!!??

Can’t wait to read all about it and see some PICS!!! :wub:


That is just awesome!