Magic express question


my flight home is 11:30 am my question is will there be a boarding pass at my door that morning or will i have to get it at the airport ?


Wait are you talking about a boarding pass to get on your flight??? Disney only issues those when you check your bags at the resort assuming your airline is part of that program.


My boarding pass was under my door…I had it with me before I gave them my bag…I showed them my boarding pass and they gave me the luggage receipt but the boarding pass was under my door the day before…


Really, hmm, maybe I’m so upset at leaving disney I’m not remembering correctly…


No…I think it’s new…I never received it before…I only received the instructions for taking the ME back and how to pay for your bags ahead of time before…this time I got the boarding pass with my seat assignment and everything…perhaps when checking in I gave them permission??? I don’t rememeber that part but definitely had boarding pass in hand…when I arrived with my bag at the check in desk…he scanned it and gave me my luggage receipt and I was done…in like 30 seconds…perhaps they are just doing a trial run on this or something…


…I forgot to add that I had to show my ID at the luggage desk and when boarding the ME bus with the boarding pass given to me in the ME envelope…as I said…maybe they were trying out a new system? It surprised me too…I almost didn’t look in the ME envelope because I know how that works!!!


I think we got our boarding passes with our ME paper that was under our door last summer. I remember being surprised because we usually get it when we check our bags at the desk the morning we depart.