Magic Express


Has anyone who has taken magic Express ever retrieved their own luggage and brought it on the bus? I ask this because of the new flight restrictions. Since our flight is only about 3 hours long, I am fine with packing most everything in a carryon, but I am concerned about not having the things I will need for hours. Can I get off of the plane and pick up a small bag from the baggage area that I would have normally used as a carryon?


Nokey -
To the best of my knowledge, you are allowed to get your own luggage. There are airlines that don’t participate in the ME program and those people using those airlines have to get their own bags, so why can’t you? I would just get your own luggage before checking in at the ME desk. It shouldn’t be an issue. When using in October, I notices many people hauling their own luggage and never saw them told they couldn’t take it on the bus. I watched the drivers load them in the underpart of the bus.


Just don’t put the ME tags on your luggage when you check them. This way, ME won’t pick them up and you can just get them!


I too saw many people taking there own luggage last time.

You could also ship a small box to your resort and you would have it as soon as you checked in, and still let ME do the leg work.


Yes you could definitely do this! I would be worried about waiting a long time for/with my luggage too.

Edit: OMG I am rambling about nonrelated stuff today. Sorry. I deleted the rest of my post because it was nonsensical.


We did this last year when we stayed at the pop. we just asked the bell hop to hold our bags at the desk when we checked out since we had 5 hours before we had to leave for the airport. When you get on the bus they will put the bags below. The when you get to the airport you just check it yourself. It went smooth. Just ask a day or so before you check out to make sure your hotel’s procedures.


I called ME yesterday to have them answer some of my questions and they said that I definately can leave the tags off of the baggage I want to carry to the park but cannot carry on teh plane. They said that I could then just leave it with the bell hop at the resort and they will take care of transferring it to my resort room! Disney is so efficient, it shocks me everytime!!!