Magic Express


Our flight leaves at 12:00 noon. What time will we have to get on ME? I hate leaving Disney to early to sit at the airport, when I can sit at the resort!!


They usually tell us 3 hours before your flight to meet ME near the baggages out front.


Thank you for the information


Our returning flight was 11:30am and we had to get the 8am bus back to the airport.


Wow, never seen 3 1/2 hours. We have always been at the 3 hour prior mark.


There is a little bit of flexability with this because busses run every little bit. We have been able to get on one bus early and then another time we were able to wait for the next bus. The risk involved is that there may not be a seat for you if you wait on a later one.


Actually, the REAL risk is that thee may not be a later bus. Disney’s Magical Express buses make pick-ups only when there are reservations for pick-ups. They don’t just automatically go to every resort.

When they do arrive for pick-ups, they do so in 30 minute intervals. A given resort may get pick-ups at :10 and :40 after the hour, for example. So let’s say you’re scheduled for the 9:10 a.m. DME bus pick-up at your resort. If you decide to wait for the next one, there is no guarantee that the next one will arrive at 9:40 a.m. … the next one may not arrive for another hour or two … it all depends on the reservations.

An individual’s DME pick-up time will be 3 hours before flight time plus or minus 20 minutes.

And yes, you’re correct, even if there is another DME pick-up 30 minutes later, if the bus is slated to be full then you will be denied boarding.

It won’t do any good to ask at the resort if there will be a “next bus” because no one at the resort has access to that information. There are no Disney’s Magical Express cast members stationed at any of the resorts, and the resort staff simply do not have access to the DME database.