Magic Guide App


I just got the Disney World Magic Guide app for my iphone. Seems fabulous. I love that I can enter all my dining reservations and then when we’re in line I can give the phone to my kids and they can touch it to look at the menu of where we will be dining next…well at least that’s my plan! Having all the show times, park hours, dining menus, etc at hand seems like it’s going to be so handy. Planning to use it on our trip next week.
My question is about the “wait times”. Wondering if anyone has used this app and if they found the wait times to be accurate. Thanks!


yes, it’s a great app. I have been using it to put in the resort we’ll be staying at, to find menus, much like you. It’s fun to play with.


I have a few Disney Apps but I don’t believe I have that one, so thanks for the share- sounds very good, and useful too.


We had used the Verizon (Moblie Magic) app on our last trip and the wait times were pretty close. We had also used it to making a couple dining ressies when we were in the the park.


I have that one too, although won’t get to fully use it until August. I find it fun to look and see what times the parks are open today for example. It does make me wish I was there right now though. :slight_smile:


same here, we won’t be using it until December but it’s fun to see what the temperatures are today, etc.
Anything to stay in touch and current with Disney