Magic Hours Question


For Magic Hours, can we still get into the park after the park closes having a Bay Lake pass? Do we have to be in the park before it closes to be able to stay for extra hours?


Okay, that’s a new one to me… what’s a Bay Lake pass?


Bay Lake Towers possibly?
If you are an onsite guest, that would be all you need (a room key). Well, you also need park admission. :slight_smile:
You don’t have to be in the park when Extra Magic Hours starts.

Edit- Checked your trip list and see BLT on there. So yes, you need your room key to show at the entrance to attractions. If anything has changed, feel free to correct me friends! :slight_smile:


Yes, you can use EMH if you are staying at any Disney property and if you have park tickets. You can get in after the park closes. You just have to show them your room key.


I’m sorry I used the term Bay Lake pass. I should have used the term “ROOM KEY”. My error. We also have hopper tickets. Thanks to everyone for keeping my Disney terms straight. :pinch:


OH… really, I wasn’t being obnoxious about trying to make sure you used the right words. I honestly thought this was something I hadn’t heard of. :flowers:


Mistress Andrea making people cry again I see, just wait till Cavey gets a hold of this one…:pirate:


Yeah…suuuuuuure. :wink:


Anyway, … I did get the answer I was looking for , Thank you Disney friends.


Heehee :ph34r: