Magic Kindom crane has arrived!


Hello !

the crane has arrived behind Cinderella Castle, presumably to help take down the HCOE decorations . It is behind a construction wall just to the right as you exit the Castle into Fantasyland. As a result, the entire path from Sir Mickey’s to Tomorrowland is closed off, including by the wishing well. :redface:


It seems like the HCOE just began!


:crying: I’m sad to see it go!!! The castle looks beautiful in Gold! :crying:


Yes, I wish they would keep the gold crowns and trim.


do you have any pix of the Magic Kingdom crane. i can’t wait when it is finished.


I hope it’s done when I go in october…I love the castle…the crane…not so much…lol


Wish they could wait another 20 days or so, I would love to see the castle as is…


No sorry ! :ohmy: :eek: :crying:
I found this on another site and it said sorry no pix so ! …

Sorry no pix ! :crying:


That’s Ok! Pluto2000 i understand. Oh! tell me the website that you found please! Pluto2000


Umm um wait two secs and I willl check ! :blush:


Got it ! WDWMAGIC.COM WDW, Walt Disney World News Rumors Photos Reviews Discussion Forum click on news and rumors !


I was really hoping to see the gold decorations on our trip. It will be my dh first trip and he gets to see the castle being worked on :frown:


i can’t wait for the castle finally finished for the Year of a Million dreams.


I was hoping to see it before they took it off, but I really did not care for the Gold, to be honest. I am such a traditionalist. I guess I just want me cake and to eat it too!


I’m so sad that I never got to see these decorations in person. I was not a big fan of the mirror - :blink: - but all the characters/animals all over the castle looked pretty cool. I would have loved to see them in person.

Oh well. Must keep reminding myself that I celebrated the 50th at Disneyland, so I can’t complain.


I hope they do some general repairs on the castle, some of it is starting to get a little older looking. Not change much, it just needs to be returned to its original splendor.


I had hoped they might keep them up. They added so much to the castle.


Somehow, I always thought that they’ed keep them up after the celebration…kinda like they did with the Mickey hand at Epcot… I’m afraid the castle will seem kinda bare when it’s all gone…


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. It will like a little blah after this. :mellow:


The could have left it a birthday cake gags