Magic Kingdom 12/26


We’ll be at Magic Kindom on Saturday, 12/26. MK hours are 8-11pm with 7-8am EMH. This vacation is our 1st visit to WDW.

I’m planning on utilizing the EMH & have ADR at 6:50 at Liberty Tree tavern.

How likely would you leave the park around lunch time to get some quiet time & rest then return after a few hours? I’m too much of a planner:wacko:, have never been to WDW & have a hard time comprehending the TRUE reality of crowds during Christmas time at WDW. So…For the sake of my boys :happy:…I’m begging:redface: you to help me see the reality of WDW & to help keep me grounded.



Hi Lena and Welcome to Mouse Buzz. I personally have not been at the MK during Christmas week but have always been told it is crowded. I always try to leave the park in the middle of the day to give my girls (6 and 8) a break and keep myself sane.

Have a wonderful time on your trip and hopefully one day I will be asking you questions about the new DVC resort being built in Hawaii


The days that you need to worry most about not being able to enter MK are Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. And even then, they go through various stages. When the park is approaching capacity, first they’ll close the Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot (the lot for MK). Next they’ll begin to turn away “day trippers”, those guests who have tickets, but are not staying in a Disney hotel (also Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green, and selected DTD hotels) or have an annual pass. If you are staying at one of those hotels or if you have an annual pass, you will still be able to get in.
However, once they hit full capacity (around 80,000) nobody gets in until enough people leave.

But crowds will be pretty heavy during all of Christmas week.


We always get to the parks early, and then at lunchtime, leave for the resort (on site) to take a nap, dip in the pool, lunch in our room. That gives the kids a little bit of down time, so they can enjoy part 2 (the evening) back in the parks. I always see other kids having a meltdown later in the day, which leads me to believe they are getting overwhelmed with the busy day. I think it’s better to take a break and enjoy, rather than keep pushing and pushing, and then the kids and parents don’t enjoy it as much.


round trip back to your resort to MK could be a couple of hours especially with the crowds being as hectic as they are. Just give your self plenty of time to get around


Christmas is our busiest time. So many families want to give WDW to them for Christmas, but our theory is everyone has the same idea: The parks will be empty because everyone will be home with their families for Christmas. I say that because several times I’ve heard guests complain that people should be home with their families why are there so many people here. Kind of funny and ironic.

If this is your first visit I definitely want you to have a great first impression. Try and be as patient as you can as the park will be VERY packed. You’ll probably have to do A LOT of waiting for rides and other attractions. At least you’ll also be able to see some fantastic shows and parades no problem if you get to a spot about half an hour before it starts. I know I’ll be working at the Street Party show that day. Definitely don’t miss that. Good luck and hope to see you out there.


I totally agree with what Rowdy said. Be Patient, and expect to wait! Also, try very hard not to have a ‘set’ idea of what you want to do each day, because you will not get to do it all. I have been to Disney many, many times and still not done it all!

I think a great help to you will be Fastpass. Familiarize yourself with the system before you go and use it while you are there!

Have an amazing time!


we will be there that day as well - last trip was during a 4th of July weel. I am expecting the same type of crowds…
Being “the planner” - here are some suggestions:

  1. Pack snacks to munch on during long waits
  2. use FastPasses and use them wisely
  3. Trading Pins kill time like you wouldn’t believe and keeps kids interested
  4. only pick about 3 things you HAVE to do…dont try and do it all - do those 3 and play the rest by ear.
  5. Watch the shows, parades, etc…nice break and alot of fun

We are eating at Chef Mickey’s that morning and then spending the rest of the morning at MK…leaving that afternoon to rest and get ready for CP at Epcot…


I’ve been hours and months into the Unofficial Guide to WDW. HAs anyone ever followed the Holiday touring w/ children guide? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. My ears are open.


I agree with dadofthree, pick a few things you can’t miss and make those a priority…Splash Mountain, Pirates, and Space Mountain are musts for my boys who are 6 and 8. I let my kids get on the Disney website and look at the rides, maps of the park, etc…They were well prepared. My son was pointing out landmarks while on the monorail during our first trip (he was 5). If you can try to do MVMCP(Mickey’s Ver Merry Chrismas Party) the tickets are $$$, but the crowds are less, GREAT parade, easy access to rides, unlimited hot chocolate and cookies…a wonderful time was had by all


I have used the different park touring plans when we travel with a larger group (5+ people). They were OK during normal crowds, worthless during peak summer crowds. You will have peak and above most days.