Magic Kingdom Counter Service


OK. As everyone knows, I am way too excited about this upcoming trip and I have been planning every single meal. (Note, the trip is going to be relaxed but being the future Chef that I am I am obsessing about the food!)

So, I would like to know, What is your favorate MK Counter Service and why!

Thanks everyone.



I love the starlight in Tomorrow land. It is a traditional counter service meal for me and my DD. Why do we like it? They have the best burger fixings bar in WDW…LOVE those burgers!


We like Cosmic Rays for thier bugers. I like the fixin bar. I have to have my mushrooms.


I like Pescos Bills just because it’s so “typical” WDW (cheeseburgers, fries, chicken fingers) but I also have found that we really like Columbia Harbor House as well! They have a really good tuna sandwhich and I am weird about eating tuna that other people make (sometimes they put too much mayo sometimes not enough) but there is really good and Dave loves the Fish and Chips.


My favorites are Paco’s Bills & Casey’s. Great burgers and fries & Casey’s has the BEST hotdogs!!


For once when we were at the MK, el Pirata y el Perico was open and that was the BEST counterservice I’ve ever had! Fresh taco salad with great toppings. So, if it’s open, I highly recommend it.

We like Columbia Harbour House - especially for the tuna sandwich on multi-grain bread. And Cosmic Ray’s does make a good cheeseburger. You can also get a nice sandwich at The Bakery on Main Street.


I like Pecos Bills and Casey’s in MK.

I want to try Columbia Harbor House on our next visit.


We like Columbia House and Cosmic Rays for the Bar B Que Beef sandwich.


Columbia Harbor House for us. We also like Pinochio’s Village Haus so we can sit by the window overlooking It’s a Small World.


Casey’s is a tradition for us. We love the hot dogs, and just sit outside and listen to the piano player.


For me it is Cosmic Rays and for DH it is Casey’s. We also like Pecos Bills and Columbia Harbor House.


Me too! I love the fixins station where you take a regular burger and make it a SUPER BURGER!!!


we love caseys - it’s a must do for us. if you can time it right, its fun to get the hot dogs and snag a seat for the parade and eat on the curb while you wait. passes the time nicely.

we also really enjoyed pecos bills! the fixins bar was awesome! cosmic rays was good and we would go back there again, but would choose pecos bills over it i think. i liked the automated ordering system at pecos bills - it made it easy for me (with the kiddos) and didn’t feel like i was keeping the cashier from another customer!

i want to try columbia harbor house! we tried to go there on a mnsshp night, and it closed early, so we missed it by 10 minutes! next time, it’s on the list. my only concern with it is that my girls love fish, and there is not a kids fish meal…so either i have to have something on the kids meal or we do all adult meals at that one. probably not a big deal if you aren’t on the ddp.


We love Pacos Bills…my dh loves the burgers w/fixins and I love the chicken wrap. The wrap is big I never finish in one sitting.


Cosmic Rays for us- the fixing bar is the best!


There is very little variety among the MK CS locations.
Cosmic Ray’s tops the list, mostly because the chicken/rib combo is possibly the most bang for the DDP credit anywhere in WDW.
Columbia Harbour House isn’t bad either.


Without ripping the scab off that wound, it is only an opinion that Casey’s has the best hot dogs and not one that is universally shared.
If you like hot dogs that are heated/cooked on one of those roller things, this is your dog. If however, you are satisfied by nothing less than a flame grilled or hot griddled deli dog so well done that it splits wide open, you will be out of luck. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen that kind of dog anywhere in WDW and would kill for a genuine Coney Island dog with a knish.
Now that I think of it, The Boardwalk sorely lacks a Nathan’s!
Or for you people from western New York, a Ted’s!


Well, thank you very much. Now I’m craving a hot dog. Personally I’m a “steamed” girl…


To only slightly hijack this thread. What is now a lifetime ago (1965), there were a couple of small fast food places in North Jersey (not sure if there were more in other places, I was only 10, didn’t have a car, and no internet) called the Dog House. You could say they were a themed restaurant of sorts. Their menu was a large variety of hot dogs prepared different ways. I think I remember there were at least 12 different versions.
They didn’t last long. I think they were gone by 1968. But from failure comes new(ly resurrected bad ideas to be tried again) dining treats.
"Goofy’s House of Dogs featuring both ball park and deli style dogs. Chili dogs. North Jersey style “rippers”. And just about anything you can think of for toppings. Along with some burgers, some crazy thing called a “weinieburger” which has yet to be defined just what the heck it is, Nathan’s style ripple wedge fries, and NY deli style potato knishes.
Put one in DTD, one on the Boardwalk, one in Blizzard Beach, and one in DHS.


I’m sorry Llama. Of course I’m pretty lucky. Publix has been carrying an excellent deli dog in all stores for many many years now, so there’s some in the fridge most of the time and gas in the grill.