Magic kingdom: Event Party Music


I just opened my cd ( I bought it Last October and misplaced it and found it today …) I really enjoyed hearing the halloween party music and the princess party music ( I have never been to the princess /party music ) but love the music from it especially the pirates one since it had POC movie music in it … I so now want to go to a princess/pirate party next year or eve MNSSHP … again .


You should go . . . it’s FUN!! (I’m your bad influence! :laugh: )


:laugh: Yes you so are


Do they sell that CD all the time or just at the events? I want to get one this year when I go b/c it’s got some of the music I love from PPP. I’ve seen it sold on ebay for $33 and figure it’s got to be less at WDW, if they still have it. Anyone know?


I believe its sold only at the party but I can be wrong ( I cant remember if I bought it at the party or before ) … It was 24. 95 plus tax last year ( I just took the wrapping off today so I know thats how much it was


I saw it here $40:
Disney Shopping: Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD - The LaughingPlace Store

Here $33.99: Disney Shopping - Magic Kingdom Event Party Music - Disney Merchandise and Disney Products at Magical Mountain

And here $37:

Can’t find it anywhere for less . . . so it’s probably not made anymore . . . Amazon only had used copies!


Planning on picking it up in September… heard it is awesome