Magic Kingdom guest 1st in nation to receive free Disney admission in '09


Thought this was interesting! Anyone else going on their birthdays this year?

[B]Seattle, Wash., resident Andrew DaCosta enters the Magic Kingdom on New Year’s Day morning as the first person in the country to receive free admission to a Disney theme Park in 2009 as part of Disney’s “What Will You Celebrate?” campaign. (Preston Mack, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts)[/B]

Link to article here: Magic Kingdom guest 1st in nation to receive free Disney admission in '09 –


Aww!!! How cool is that? Good for him! I hope that promo brings lots of joy to people, whether it be free admission or the gift card.

I know I plan on using it for Matt and I. We’re going to take our first ‘kidless’ days to WDW this year because of the promotion!



Wow that is nice press for disney and that guy must have been SOOOO excited!!


I saw this guy today. He was in City Hall cause he lost his backpack.


Oh I hope he found it. He had such a great start to his day! Bummer!:pinch:


We found it and gave it back to him!!


This is amazing, good for that dude. I love it. Actually, I would love to be able to take advantage of this promotion BUT it just doesn’t work for us; our birthdays are the ABSOLUTE worst times to go to WDW or DL. :laugh: My birthday is late July, Daniel’s is the week of Christmas, and my Dad’s birthday is during Spring Break. :laugh: ARGH!


Well ain’t that the irony of it all. :laugh: I hope he found it!


Haha and he looks so happy!


We planned a trip in sept. for 5 days at SSR then a 3 day cruise and it just happens to be at the time of my birthday so I’ll save a little money on passes. Every little bit helps!


Good for him, and I’m glad he got his backpack back, too!


I love the hat,


That’s a really nice story and pic. I hope he he enjoyed his free day.


Ha, that’s really cute! Good for him!


I think that this is a really nice thing for disney to do but at the same time they never lose out on something. lol! you know they are gonna make tons more of money on this. but yea on the day of your birthday do you only get a free ticket into disney or do you get something else too cuz if they give those hats too dang I’m a passholder and I will not be on that day just for that hat. lol!


How cool! I love that hat! lol


The free ticket is quite a gift but if you are a passholder you can get a giftcard that has a 70 dollar value, I believe. (IT may be worth more, I’m not sure!)


I wish I could take advantage of the offer. It looks like we’ll hopefully be going in October.


that’s so cool! we’re planning to go to DL for my birthday. i wonder what they’ll do for me when we’re there. i’m so excited about going!!


A great, almost free promotion for Disney. Maybe this is a draw for locals, but to schedule a trip around a birthday so one of my family can buy a six day ticket while we buy seven wouldn’t do much.

Someone should tell John and Kate about this one.