Magic Kingdom on gradnights


Hi we are thinking of visiting the Magic Kingdom on Friday the 28th of april, we have just realised that the park closes at 7pm, and have discovered that this is because of gradnight. Could anyone tell us how busy the park will be on that day, will gradnight make the day busier,


We’ll be there for a grad night in May also.

What I’ve found out from my research is that they do a “hard” close. In other works they completely empty the park, then bus in the grad nighters.
So, if thats the case I would expect “normal” crowds.


Too scary to contemplate… :eek:


I would be a bad sport about this… I am embarrassed to say it, and I hope I don’t sound too selfish, but if I flew my whole family down there and missed a whole night because of a hard park close, I would be really sad.

Signed, Grumpy


Not only that - but I hear they close down ALL the turkey leg carts for the WHOLE DAY. :wink:


Ugh…“hard close”…just remember to do any shopping early cause that means the stores on Main St. won’t be open an hour after the rest of the park closes. You know…for your “shopping convenience”…:frowning:


I’ve been at MK on grad nights, and it isn’t too crowded, but the early closing really really stinks.


oh thats kind of stinky :pinch: but thats just MK right? SO you could always just hop on over to a different park…unless they close all of them? I’m really not familiar with the system.


Nope, it’s just the MK. We’re actually planning on seeing BOB at POR the night that grad night falls on our trip.


there won’t be bigger crowds just because of Grad Night, but it will close early, which would make me kinda grumpy, too…

If you’ve got parkhoppers, though, you’ll be fine, you can just head over to another park for the evening :c)


The “grads” don’t get in 'til after the park closes, so it doesn’t affect day time crowd levels. I would just go to a different park for the evening or hang out at DTD or Boardwalk.


I am so bummed! My 4 yr. old daughter and I will be going to WDW for the first time on April 28-30. :sad: I had earned a free trip from my company, Tastefully Simple, and will be arriving on Friday the 28th. We are staying at Coronado. I have reservations for CRT for Saturday at 4:45pm and were planning on staying at MK for the evening. What do you wise people suggest we do now? We have park hopper tickets so we can go to another park after our dinner, what should we do? Are the Grad nights the whole weekend? Or just Sat? Any advice you can give would be incredibly helpful!


here is a site with the park hours for April.

Looks like none of the other parks are open later on that Saturday, but it would be a good time to hop over to Epcot via the monorail, hit a few attractions and maybe watch the Illuminations show.


Thank you BuzzLightYear for that link. What is better, the Illuminations or Fantasmic?


I think they are both equal. You should try and catch both sometime during your trip.