Magic Kingdom pictures


I found this WDW news website while surfing the net at work (can’t get mousebuzz, but I can get other WDW stuff!). There are some really good pictures of the expansions.

Zach Larson’s 10/14/11 Magic Kingdom Photo Report | WDW News Today

pretty cool site


Though it’s always a good time to be in Magic Kingdom, I’m not sure I’d want to be there with so much boarded up. Enjoyed the pictures though. Thanks for sharing Dana.


Thanks for sharing the link. I will be there in about a month so I guess I will see this all first hand. I guess I didn’t realize how much of MK was boarded up & being worked on. I hope I still get that “magic” feeling when I’m there.


im so worried that nothing in fantasyland will be done when i get there in august lol


OMGoodness. I see why there’s so many ppl in the streets. There’s no where for them to go, everything’s closed and all boarded up:noo:
With this much off limits i’m second guessing our March trip now.


When is stuff supposed to start opening back up? Not talking about the new addition… that should be open… not soon enough… I am going in March too, and now I can see why other parks are so crowded.


Thanks for sharing this is a great site! Love the pics. I can’t wait see it completed!!


WOW what a lot of work being done. So happy we arent traveling to WDW MK any time soon. I think well head that way in a couple of years. I understand Fantasy land but what`s up with everything else being boarded up


That is so fantastic. I was there just two weeks ago and took a few photos but none as good as these.
Thanks for posting the link.


There is a lot of work going on. I haven’t heard about the Beasts castle being built? Where exactly is that going to be.

Wouldn’t that be a great construction job to get working in MK?


You’ll still have the feeling. I was just there this past week, and we were having so much fun, really didn’t even realize that much was boarded up until I saw these pictures. It really didn’t affect us at all. Plenty still to do!


Wow, all the changes look amazing. I can’t believe how much is being worked on at once!


I LOVE these pictures. It is very exciting all of the changes. At first, I was worried about being in the MK in January (especially since they will probably use that down time to really get to it), but I am not too worried about it. I am already starting to plan a 2014 trip in my mind:-)


I really wouldn’t worry to much all. There was quite a bit boarded up in the MK when I was there in August and it really didn’t make a difference in our days at the MK. I honestly love the mystery of what is going on behind them because it means more magic to come. :mickey:


[QUOTE=dixie;1094064]There is a lot of work going on. I haven’t heard about the Beasts castle being built? Where exactly is that going to be.

Wouldn’t that be a great construction job to get working in MK?[/QUOTE]

I can’t figure it out to be honest. You can see it’s construction from Pooh and in that area, but it’s hard to judge exactly where it is. Here’s a link to the Orlando paper’s site that has many pictures of what it’s suppose to look like at the end.

Pictures of the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom -


I didn’t think so either, but it really didn’t’ bother me. It’s almost exciting to think of what’s to come. It’s like seeing your packages under the Xmas tree and knowing they are going to be super awesome ,but having to wait to see what’s in the boxes…:))


Pics were great, dont think I would like to be there with all the construction though.


There IS a lot going on!! It was weird - and to be honest, it did make Fantasyland feel more condensed then normal.

It was weird to see so much construction in so many places. Usually it’s just one spot or another…

I think the need is there, though, so at least it’s happening.


It is a bit much if you dont’ get to go often I suppose…maybe I am to in love with the idea of being there to care…lol