Magic Kingdom Railroad


Can anybody tell me how the schedule works for the MK RR. Does it go every half, hour,…? Is there usually a big line to get on?


I don’t think there’s a set schedule. They just continually run! The full ride around the MK is 20 minutes. It’s a nice breather!


There can be a line, but it’s not excessive. It’s probably a 10 minute wait at most.


ILUVWDW, it looks like we are going to be there the same time. We are leaving EWR at 1:45 staying at SSR on Dec. 2. The train is something that we’ve never done, but will try this time.


The Train holds alot of people, so even if the line looks long you will likely get on the next train! If not it wont be longer than a 10-15 min wait!


When the parks are crowded, the train is our super-secret way to transport ourselves to other lands! I am not kidding! You can train around form Main Street to ADventureland in the blink of an eye, and no crowds to battle… you end up right at Splash and BTMRR… you can do this all around the park! And there are fun dioramas to see as you take the trip, too!
(ssshhhh… it’s our little secret so don;t tell anyone!)


Oh, for sure you have to try it. It’s so relaxing and you see things you can’t see from the park. My dh and I usually stay on for 2 trips around. Nice way to rest up a bit. As others have said, the waits not long at all.


The railroad is a great way to catch your breath, and to see MK in a different light. It is also a great way to get a baby or toddler to go to sleep, barring the need for absolute silence, because it can be loud at times, but I think most kids can handle it. Plus, the train is so huge, you shouldn’t have to wait very long, because just about everyone in a line (unless it is gi-normus) can get on board.


What a coincidence! I am leaving NYC on 12/2 at 11pm…and we’re DRIVING! So we won’t arrive in WDW until the afternoon of 12/3. We’re also staying at Saratoga Springs! (until 12/8) Then we switch over to the Dolphin for 2 nights.


I have never -not -been able to board, despite the line waiting.
It is a fun ride.


The train is great and waiting for it has never really been a problem, its nice to just ride around the MK and rest your feet and have a snack for a while.


And if you have your own strollers, you can just fold them up and bring them onboard! :happy: (if anyone cares…:huh: )


My 4yo and I usually ride the train while my DH and 12yo are riding SM. It’s a nice way to pass the time. I almost fell asleep :sleeping: :sleeping: