Magic Kingdom Tron Coaster


So, what are your thoughts about the new Tron Coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom?


I hope it’s longer than 7 dwarfs ride.

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I remember when TRON the movie first came out and I was “THIS IS SO COOL!” but I was also a teenage boy that was building his own computers and learning to program.

If Disney really wanted to impress me they would come out with a reboot of The Blackhole and rebrand SM the ride around The Blackhole (not change the name just change the preshow and interior ride experience – which really wouldn’t take much)


They could do an actually good Tomorrowland movie that could be used to update SM and SGE and other parts of the land.

TRON will be good and become a classic because the graphics and feel of the movie (both) are pretty timeless (will have pretty long legs). The ride itself looks pretty cool but as an addition to the land…meh.


Not a big coaster fan to begin with, so it means nothing to me, really. I wish they would come up with some more non-coaster options.


Having been on the one in Shanghai, I can promise you that you will change your mind once it is open. By far the best Disney coaster I have ever been on. Think Rock N Rollercoaster, but longer, both inside and outside and not being strapped down in a car. You ride sitting on a tron cycle, it does not feel like you are held onto it at all. So fun.


I am sure it is an amazing ride. From what I have seen of the ride on YouTube I am sure I am going to love it but I always look at the immersiveness of the land and really find TL to be a really disjointed mess. It would be nice to see them really work on finding a way to tie it together. I am so glad they just didn’t turn it into starwarsland or dump a ton of starwars references into it.


Hey, did Mickey just offer to take us all to Shanghai on his dime???


No, but Shanghai is one of my favorite cities in the world, I would honestly consider moving there (it would have to be without my wife though). Most of the year, it is cheaper for me to fly to Shanghai for a week than it is Orlando. I paid less than $50 for my admission to Disneyland there, and the park is spotless and not crowded. Food in Shanghai is 1/5 what it is in Orlando, same for hotels. If you ever get the chance, GO.


I can’t wait to see and ride it! Sounds awesome.


As a rollercoaster fan, I’m always excited about a new ride. I guess it’s just the kid in me…never got into TRON the movie as a child but remember playing the video game a lot on weekends! :slight_smile: