Magic Kingdom with a two year old


The family that I work for are going to WDW next week. Three of them have been to WDW before and the other three this will be their first trip. They are staying at SSR (they just bought into DVC!). I’ve had their touring plan together for awhile now, but I keep thinking I should have started them out in FantasyLand rather then AdventureLand. We are not early risers on vacation so I don’t know what the crowds are like right after park opening in Fantasyland. This will be the two year old’s first experience with a theme park and her parents first trip to WDW. What do you think? Is it too crowded in that area first thing in the morning, or is that the best time to go??



I guess it just depends on what the normal routine for that 2 year old is. If she is an early riser (I think MOST two year olds are up early…if not, I need to make a trade:laugh: ) I would think going early would be best. If not, she might be cranky before you even get to Fantasyland. If you go early then that family can take her back to the room for a nap in the afternoon if need be. Some kids can nap just fine in a stroller (if the parents can make it without a snooze too).

I think your best bet would be to go early and start in Fantasyland. It all depends on what the two year olds normal routine is like…if he/she is fussy then it wouldn’t matter how crowded Fantasyland is:eek:


Yes, they are all early risers (I’m sure it has something to do with the 2 year old, lol!) so they should be at the park at opening time. I just didn’t want them to have to wait longer then normal to ride the Fantasyland rides by going first thing.



The key to little disney fans is being able to adjust plans on the go. So many factors from crowds to how the kid handles parks.

I’d give them some tips and suggestions but there will be plenty of other trips so they don’t have to be park commandos. Tell them to just be prepared to change on a moments notice and just go with the flow!


I have gotten so much advice from allears, etc… on how to handle the parks with little ones. I’ll let you know how our first trip with little ones goes in a few weeks.


We went to Disneyland with a 2 YO 7 years ago. And I know WDW is the same as far as this recommendation goes… Fantasyland is DEFINITELY to be done first. Specifically Dumbo. The lines for it get insane after the first hour or two, and stay that way all day. And it doesn’t have a fastpass. We rode twice at park opening with no lines at all.

Plus, Fantasyland puts you right next to the castle. And most of the stuff that will appeal to a toddler is in that Fantasy/Toon/Tomorrow area. Do it before the crowds hit and naptime sets in.

(Quick story… our 2 YO at the time slept through Small World early afternoon, so we had to go back a 2nd time a few hours later. :eek: And wouldn’t you know, she fell asleep again! :angry: Hopefully that won’t happen at WDW when we go NEXT WEEK!. She only gets one shot this time! Of course she’s 9 now!)


That is hilarious:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I bet she did that on purpose:glare:


so she didn’t have to listen to that song? Or so we did? I’m guessing both!


Last week with my 2yo we did Fantasyland 1st and it worked out great. It was a good way to start her on rides as none of them are really scary or intense. I’m not saying that anything at MK is but had we started her on Pirates with low lighting, gunfire and that small drop she might not have wanted to do anything later. We were there last Thursday and had no problems with any waits. We also didn’t get back there though till about 11 because we had late breakfast at Crystal Palace.

Of everything we did I think her favorite part of MK was seeing the Country Bears. She sat through the whole show (the only one that held her attention) and was clapping and smiling the whole time. Along the show lines, she had no interest in Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush or the motor cars stunt show. She did ok with Philharmagic, Playhouse Disney show and Voyages of the Little Mermaid.


I have a 2 year old…GO TO FANTASYLAND FIRST!!! You can do all the rides before the REAL crowds come.


Thanks everyone! I’ll retype their plan tomorrow to start their first day in FantasyLand!! I really appreciate everyones input!