Magic Kingdome to be renamed!


This makes me smile:laugh: I guess I have been so many times they thought I needed a special reward!! lol


i loved that when we did it- my dd’s were so excited about it - and it was before Christmas, before they knew we were going. it was kind of mean of me, actually - they kept saying “really? when are we going?” - i had to tell them we weren’t going, because we didn’t tell them till Christmas.

awesome video - so cute!!


i did this for my DD too…she loved it!! so cute.


Same here. I sent it to my wife and she was shocked. She kept asking me how did I do it. :laugh:


A friend at work sent this to me. He knows I a big diz fan. He’s such a jokester, I thought it was great. He had me going for awhile. I couldn’t wrap my brain around it at first. DUH!!


I had the same problem when my friend sent it to me…I thought what in the world? it just looked so real…


love this:wub:

So how do I get to send it on?? it won’t let me click at the end:blush:


This is too funny…I just sent it to friends telling them it only cost me 1000$ :eek:
Expecting phone calls soon :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


[QUOTE=jimbo;919146]love this:wub:

So how do I get to send it on?? it won’t let me click at the end:blush:[/QUOTE]

No me neither Jimbo :frowning:


ooh update got mine to work-wow this is so much fun, did one for Tink. DD and DH, they are just going to love them.


I sent it to my g/f and she called me crying OMG! that was so beautiful babe! when are we going? lol!


No, no…Leslie, you know darn well it’s going to be renamed “Dana Kingdom”:laugh:


That is just amazing! I wanna try!


My DH just loved this! he wondered if we could download the video to Facebook or his Ipod anyone have any ideas?


I have sent this to so many people and they in turn have passed it on. It is so cool and to hear your name at the end just makes it that much better


For those of you who want to try and can’t get it to work try this link
It has the whole thing like it is a TV station and after it is over gives you a place to send it on to others and pick what the celebration is for.


That was soooo awesome! Thanks :happy:


ok dana, I guess if you look at the number of post here on MB it would defininitely be you!:mickey: maybe the World of Dana and Leslie!! lol:wub:


It is a funny video! And well done so as to be believeable. :blink:


I LOVE this!! Fantastic! Im sending it to everyone lol