Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Skyway station demolition underway


The Magic Kingdom’s defunct Skyway stations in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland rested undisturbed for years after the Skyway’s closure in 1999, following a fatal accident. Now demolition is underway at the Tomorrowland Skyway station at Walt Disney World.

The closure of the Walt Disney World Skyway took place after Raymond Barlow, a 65-year-old Magic Kingdom cast member, was killed in February 1999. The Skyway had started to move while he was cleaning a narrow platform on the ride. The Skyway was not supposed to be in operation, but a group of Walt Disney World College Program cast members allegedly started the ride without following protocol. Barlow fell 40 feet to his death. OSHA fined Disney World $4,500 for serious safety violations and Disney World closed the attraction in November 1999. Disneyland closed its Skyway after a similar but nonfatal accident in 1994. Thirty-year-old Randle Charles fell 20 feet after allegedly jumping out of his Skyway ride vehicle.

Nealy a decade after the closure of Disney World’s Skyway, Tomorrowland is undergoing a major facelift. First demolition crews turned their attention to the former Tomorrowland Theatre next to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Then Imagineers built the small Stitch stage pictured above. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority (formerly the WEDway People Mover) was refurbished recently, and renovation work continues at Space Mountain. The video game arcade next to Space Mountain will remain closed while Space Mountain is refurbished.

The space formerly occupied by the Tomorrowland Skyway station would make an excellent spot for a new table service restaurant. Currently Tomorrowland only offers quick service dining. Nearby table service restaurants are Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at the start of Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella’s Royal Table inside Cinderella Castle. The small Plaza restaurant near the Main Street ice cream shop is the closest table service restaurant to Tomorrowland, which draws some of the largest crowds in the Magic Kingdom. A two-story restaurant with a view of Tomorrowland, the Walt Disney World monorail, and the Magic Kingdom steam train would be highly popular with guests.

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I like the idea of putting a full service restaurant in tomorrowland. MK is in bad need of another restaurant. Everyday I have to tell guests that all of our restaurants are booked. I feel like we are losing so much business and not providing a service our guests need. I think that location is a great idea.


Yeah, I agree, we seem to ALWAYS leave the park to go eat somewhere for dinner. Every once in awhile we’ll go to Liberty Tree but now with the characters gone there’s not a whole lot of draw for us. A Tomorrowland table service restaurant would be EXCELLENT!

Otherwise, I am glad to see those old skyway stations go, I mean sheesh it closed a WHOEL DECADE ago!


I wish I had a chance to ride the skyway, it seemed like a good way to see the park from a different view.


I remember riding it on my first trip to the World. It was a great way to save some walking when your legs got tired and a diferent view from up there


If I had known during my 1996 visit, my first ever and only visit before they were closed for good in 1999 that this would be my only chance to ride, I would have made time to ride it. (OK there was a second one day visit about 2 weeks later, but still.) The Skyway just seemed so iconic to MK and Disneyland, that I couldn’t imagine it would be closed and dismantled. I think they should have left the building in place and repurposed what was already in existence, or honestly, rebuilt the Skyway.
So now it’s being torn down? Good bye bathrooms close to Space Mountain. How about that stupid stage they built for the abortive Stitch show? They going to leave that eyesore in the middle of the plaza?
MK could use another sit down restaurant, true, but Tomorrowland could use a few more rides first.


The skyway, in my opinion, really wasn’t very exciting, romantical, or view inspiring in reality. The biggest thing I’d always notice was seeing the very industrial looking tops to the Fantasyland buildings and backstage areas that weren’t very magical. As an adult I wouldn’t care but I remember always thinking it was a little weird as a kid. Riding it as I got a little older, pre teen ages, all we did was make fun of the people below or steal a kissable moment if you were with a love interest. Horrible, I know. :laugh:

The only thing I DO miss about it being there is that if I rode it now as an adult I think it would make for some pretty cool pictures. I can’t even find any pictures from the bucket, or pictures of us riding it. I can only find a few pictures of it from the ground.


Wow, lots of possibilities for a restaurant in Tomorrowland. I hope that does come to fruition.


What I would love to see is if they make it a table service wow bout a Character meal for boys.


It seems like they keep clearing out areas in Tomorrowland. I wonder if they have plans for something big like a new ride?:blink:


Wow, I remember hearing the news about that Skyway accident like it was just last year. I can’t believe it’s been a decade already. (But at the same time, it feels like those stations have been there FOREVER… :whistling)

I think we have video somewhere of us riding the Skyway at Disneyland, when I was…oh, 6? I remember thinking it was kind of cool just because there was so much to look at happening below us. But you know, I was 6. :laugh: I think that was the last time I ever rode it.

I love the idea of a new table service restaurant! MK needs it. I really hope that idea comes to fruition!


This is a RANDOM question: There is NO counter service in MK that you can get breakfast is there? (Besides the bakery) —I’m drawing a blank— :blink:


You are right. I totally remember being there on Thanksgiving morning in 2007 & we got there SUPER early to try and beat he crowds. All we wanted was a breakfast plate SO badly and we would have had to leave to park to get it(besides bakery items). I remember being so surprised that not even Cosmic Ray’s had any quick service breakfast available. I think we just got a snack and held out for lunch. haha.


Well at least I’m NOT crazy!! Doesn’t make sense there are NO Mickey Head Waffles or breakfast plates available at MK?? :glare: They need to add that too. (We should get a check list going!) :laugh:


It doesn’t say it above, but the Bathrooms are staying.


Here are a few pictures from an older trip.


AWESOME PICTURES!!! I love the 20,000 leagues under the sea view . . . very cool! :happy:


Not a counter service but in the MK you can get your Mickeyhead Waffle fix at the wonderful breakfast buffet at the Crystal Palace.


I took video riding on the skyway on our honeymooon back in 1995, the kids did’nt seemed to be impressed when I forced them to watch it a while back!!! Ha.

A new resturant in Tomorrowland would be awesome.


Just saw this picture online . . . demo started today!