Magic Music Days


Has anyone particapted in the Magic Music Days? What was it like? My daughter’s chorus group will be going this year over Easter break:pinch: and I have decided to drag the rest of the family along. I know the parks will be crazy but we go often enough that it will not be that big of a deal for us.

Is there anything else that I should not miss over our Easter Break visit or any tips for surviving the World at Easter? We have visited over Spring break with days that were “10s” and survived but I am sure this visit will bring a whole new meaning to a level “10” crowd.



I did Magic Music Days with band in high school, except we were there during February.

I’m pretty sure that band is completely different than chorus. We were allowed to select our performance (could do workshops, concert performance, etc.), and we chose to march in the pre-parade. So our experience included a bit of time backstage where we changed and warmed up. I’m assuming that your daughter’s choral group will not march in a parade. I tend to see the choral groups in Tomorrowland… perhaps that’s where they’ll be performing?


Thanks Victoria!