Magic your way + dining


A friend at work asked me how much the dining plan cost per day, Disney with dining, I thought is was about $38. per person. I don’t remember what it was last year and I can’t remember where I found the info. If anyone knows the answer I would appreciate a response. Thank you so much.


I don’t know exactly how much it is but you are really close. That doesn’t include the resort or ticket part of the MYW, just the dining.


$37.99 per adult per day. I think…not sure what the child’s price is right. My dining for 3 people over 19 for 4 days is $341 and some change.


You are right, $38 per night per adult (10 and older) and $11 per night per child (3 - 9). I round up a bit, it is what Dana said, but that makes the math too hard.


Thank you all so much, I truly appreciate your kindness.