Magical beginnings booking


We have a package booked thru the free dining promotion, but I also see you can get the same deal through the magical beginnings thing going on. So, are there any special benefits booking a magical beginnings package compared to a regular package?


I don’t have much information on the magical beginnings thing. it’s still fairly new. If you already have the free dining booked, why not just keep it as is?


I have the free dining booked too and have been wondering the same thing.

When it talks about Fantasyland opening early is that just the regular EMH morning opening or is it on another day when it is just Fantasyland and not the rest of Magic Kingdom?

Also, the concerts that are listed, are they only for people that book the Magical Beginnings package or can anyone go?

Is there more of a stroller discount with the Magical Beginnings promo or the same length of stay rates?

My AAA rep is not in until next Tuesday, I just tried to call her to ask all this!

I also wonder about the AAA story time - anyone doing this?


On allears it states that the magical beginnings EMH are on Wed. Fri. & Sun. during the time frame, but how do they decide who gets in & who doesn’t?
I think I’ll be calling them tomorrow.
Also, what is the AAA story time?