Magical Express and Flight Changes


So our flights to and from Orlando have changed… Arriving in Orlando we now get there about an hour earlier (YAY!) and departing we leave about and hour or so later (YAY again). My question is, do we need to let DME know about our flight time changes? Really I am only concerned with the return trip to the airport since we should now get picked up about an hour later from the resort.


I would say yes, let them know. My DH always wants to catch an early bus on the way home, and the CM always tells us " he’ll check if there’s room" I know last trip the bus back to the airport was almost filled.


I would call and tell them just to make sure. I was under the impression that they track the flights, that’s why they ask you for the airline and flight number, but I could be wrong, call just to make sure.


Definitely call. You don’t want your early arrival time turn into a long wait at the airport for your assigned bus.


Never hurts to call! Your flight number didn’t change, or did it? The only reason I ask is because when you originally book Magical Express they ask for your flight number, I would assume that their computer database at the airport would automatically adjust to flight changes?!?! Or am I assuming way too much of an advanced system? haha


[QUOTE=Cavey;1105245]Definitely call. You don’t want your early arrival time turn into a long wait at the airport for your assigned bus.[/QUOTE]On your arrival day, when you land at MCO, there is no assigned bus. You get shown to your bus queue, and you simply get on the next one available.

As long as your flight NUMBER hasn’t changed, there is absolutely no reason to contact Disney’s Magical Express. Their computers are hooked into the airlines’ databases … if your flight changed times, they know it before you do.


You can call, but it does not matter. You have no assigned seat or assigned bus. They use the total number of people they are expecting in to determine how many buses etc they will need for the day. As long as you have a voucher to get on the bus and your luggage tags in tact, you can show up 12 hours late and still get on that bus.


What she said.