Magical Express and Southwest?


OK, We’re leaving in 3 days but I have a question I need help with. I have a rent a car, but I signed us up for ME on the way home, since I wanted to be able to check our luggage and get our boarding passes right at the Poly on the morning of our departure, and then the plan was to leave the parks at the last minute on Sat evening to catch the last flight home. I received my ME tags, but Southwest isn’t listed as an airline that the Poly can check my bags for and give me boarding passes.
Has anyone used ME and Southwest and recv’d their boarding passes at the hotel?
If not, I could print my own boarding passes if I can get access to a printer. Has anyone ever done that at the Poly?


First of all, welcome to DC!

We used DME and flew SWA last summer. We had to take our bags to the airport with us, it was easy, bell service loaded our bags on the bus and there were sky caps waiting to unload it at the airport. DME couldn’t print our boarding passes but Guest Services was more than happy to help us. In fact WL printed my inlaw’s boarding passes when they left a week before we left and BC printed ours. I think every resort will be happy to help you as long as they are really busy trying to check people in. We went down about 7 am went they weren’t busy and they were very happy to help.

Bell services will hold your bags while you go do stuff, when you are ready to leave let them know and they will get your bags for you.