Magical Express, Any Airline?


Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I promise I searched the boards and couldn’t find my answer. (could this be because it’s 2:00am??? :sleeping: )

Can Magical Express be used with any airline? All over the websites (official Disney Site,, mouseplanet, intercot, etc.) They only mention a few airlines. We are flying in March on Southwest, which I know we used in October on ME, and my Aunt will be flying in on Air Tran. :huh:

Unless things have changed on Southwest, I’m assuming I won’t have to lug our own bags to the ME bus, but what about on AirTran, will they pick up her bags or will she need to carry them to the bus upon arrival.???

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Gosh, that’s a good question. I don’t know about Airtran…I haven’t been doing my homework… Ask Karliebug. She should know.


We are flying airtran in 3 days! ( pause for a dance) We received the luggage tags and our bags will be brought to the resort for us. Just like southwest, however, upon checkout you will have to lug the luggage with you on the bus and check it yourself to go home.


I knew if anyone knew, it would be you. 3 days? WOO HOO! I hope those coupons get there before then. Please let me know when they arrive.

Are you looking for an airline or are you already booked airtran?


I was all set to book my upcoming trip with Southwest. I usually fly SW when travelling regionally from Providence, RI. I decided to go with Delta instead though, because of the restrictions with SW and DME. I figured that I’d get the full DME experience. Plus, I got a good deal on Delta when pacaging it up with Disney.


Me, hubby, and the kids are already booked on SWA. My Aunt is having me book her flight on AirTran today. She’ll be flying from Chicago/Midway. AirTran doesn’t offer service from Austin, so the ONLY value airline that I have to choose from is SWA. AirTran has some really good prices.


Let me see if I can word this correctly. The transporation part of ME can be used with any airline. It is the baggage claim and airport check in that can only be used with certain airlines. For example We used ME in Oct. we flew united, our uncle flew SW.
On the return flight we were able to check our bags in at the hotel desk and get our boarding passes.
Our uncle had to take his baggage with him on the bus ( no big deal) and check in at the airport.
So he used it with SW, we used it with United. Both worked out fine.


You can have ME pick up your bags for you but the difference is that only a handfull of airlines have the check in desk at the resort. If you fly one of these, you just let the ME driver put the bags on the bus with you and then you get them back at the terminal drop.

The drop off is right at the check in area so it’s not a major problem and I think there are skycaps there too.


Forgive me, but I am unclear on the Magical Express. ’

We have a large group arriving on several flights. My sister and I will be arriving via Delta in Orlando. Do we call ahead for reservations on the ME? We are DVC members also - ME is new for us.

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I believe that you can just turn up and get on it, as long as you collect your luggage first. Best bet is to call and reserve it so you will defantily get a seat, and the should collect your luggage as long as it has the tags on it.

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Thanks Missy!

Tags - as in the airline tags?


No, when you book it they send some tags to put on your bags so the guys at MCO know you are using ME. I believe that they are yellow in colour.


Welcome to DC.

YES you REALLY want to have reservations. Call DVC Member Services and they’ll take care of it for you.

You need the names, arrival and departure flights for each group.
Sounds like you have people coming in from different places so best to have a reservation for each group as they will mail you yellow special baggage tags that allow ME folks to pick up your luggage. (The tag has your name and resort info printed on it.) These are in addition to the routing tags the airlines use.

My personal experience with ME was not up to Disney standards. But a week later my sons used without the problems we had. Got us back and forth but I’m renting a car for my trip in a couple of weeks.