Magical Express Desks Opening!


The latest AllEars has a reader that wrote in that the Airline Desk at the GF(and Deb added the Poly too), now allows you to check in and get your boarding passes, and leave your bags with them. They then transfer your bags to your destination.


I cannot wait to hear how this all works out!!


I am anxious to hear about this as well. I can’t wait for the first DCer to do it. :mickey: Thanks for the update disneyguy.


I am excited to try DME this summer. It just keeps getting better and better, now I can get my boarding passes before I leave my resort.


Does anyone know which one of us is trying it first? I am curious and quite anxious to read about their experience with this. I am really hoping this works out. It’s a great money saver for those who don’t like to rent a car for their vacation. Figures this is the year I am renting a car for other Orlando spots…I have the best planning skills :rolleyes: :laugh:


I keep going back and forth on DME…I keep thinking “Yes! I can’t wait to use this!”…and then I think, “No, I like the convenience of a towncar…” and back and forth it goes. :dry:

But I really can’t wait to hear about other peoples’ experiences, because if all else fails this would be a fantastic way to save $100+ on a future tight-budget trip!