Magical Express! Is it better or worse?


I was wondering that since ME has been out for awhile now has Disney worked out all the “kinks”? Is there anything that we should worry about?or ask about? etc We dont leave until the end of March.


I’m looking forward to the responses to this thread. I use DME in four days, and I’d like to hear some reviews to see how smoothly it’s running in recent weeks.


In September it ran great. Though I will go back to quicksilver for future trips. To much wasted time in line and stopping at other resorts.
But hey it was free and you get what you pay for.


It was good in November…No long line…got to our resort in pretty good time too. The only problem was that the AIRLINE lost one piece of luggage:(

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I didn’t care for it. Long wait at airport and DARN grumpy driver. Renting a car for next weekend.

Sons did it week after, didn’t wait and had no problems other than driver’s really poor english.

Didn’t use the bag tags so can’t say how well that is working now.


I’m not too worried about making a few stops along the way to get to my resort. Although I am hoping that the bus that heads to the AK resorts hits CSR first.

This of course is when I leave, you know, in 4 days.


We had a wonderful experience on Christmas Day. We were in our room at Pop Century within an hour of landing. We had a funny enthusiastic driver who also helped make the start of our WDW vacation great.


We thought the service worked great in June, but in December we were not impressed. Very long lines, we waited for a very long time for our bus, and the driver did not leave a lasting impression, either way. We will be going back to Quicksilver for our next trip.


I can’t decide weather to use magical express or the Disney Cast Member picup bus when I go. I think I’ll go with ME because it being my first trip to the world I’d rather get the big (hopefully) air-conditioned bus lol…the one that picks up the new internationals I would have to wait for I believe.



We used it in July and had a great experience. There was no line to check in and our bus was ready about 15 minutes after we checked in. There was only ONE other person on our bus so it made only two stops.


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We used it in late October and we were standing at check in an hour after we landed. It was wonderful!!!


In Oct. we had no problems. We did arrive later in the evening. I believe our flight landed about 9:30pm. So, it was not bad at all. Infact, we took our luggage with us, and had no problems. Coming home we did not use the ME, because we rented a car the last few days of our trip. One thing I do remember was that the lines were quite long for the ME. That was about 2:30pm. So maybe coming in later was better. I just don’t know. Infact, in May I don’t know if we will use it or not. :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


I was just wondering if anyone knew what route the buses take, like which resort is first, etc, etc.

We are staying at the GF and are using ME, does anyone know what stop we are?


Hey Iguana! The ride back from the hotel went great. We were very tired and it was a nice relaxing ride. The ride from the Airport to the Hotel was a little to slow for me. 1 1/2 hours from plane landing to us getting to our resort. Then since it was 2pm and the resort only had 3 windows open it took about 45 minutes to check in.

My advise. If you are getting there before 3pm. Don’t get your luggage yourself, let them do it. When you get off the bus, if 1 person can go and get in line to check in while the others get the luggage from the bus, it will save you some time.

In our case it was 2pm and we were going to eat at the MK once we were checked in. We wound up eating in the food court since it was @2 pm. No problems though, the food was great and we still made the 3pm Parade at MK.