Magical Express Question


I never received any ME info for my trip on Thursday. I figured it was because my friend booked it, and since she is a CM, maybe that’s why they didn’t send it?
Anyway, my information online says that it is booked, but it has my name, and my friend’s name…not my DHs name. My question is, when DH and I go to check in with ME, will that be a problem? Do they check names when you check in, or doesn’t it matter?
I’ll call them, but I was hoping someone here would know the answer first.


I would call them Magical Express - 407-939-7675 - see if they sent them out to you. If not they may have to overnight them to you.
We got our over 40 days ago, before our confirmation letter.


Thanks for the number!


you will need the vouchers to get on the bus, also the tags for the luggage…


It doesn’t matter. If you don’t have the baggage tags, then get your bags when you land. once getting your bags, proceed to the ME welcome area. Even if you didn’t sign up for ME or aren’t listed, you can still use it. According to the Unofficial guide, ME is able to check you reservations to make sure you are a WDW resort guest and can register you then…no worries.


I would still call them. Why would you want to have to go and gather your bags, after all isn’t the fact that you don’t have to bother with you bags the best part of this service? Maybe they can overnight the tags to you!!!


I agree. Still call them, but feel better knowing that even if they don’t have you on there and even if you can’t get your tags in time, you can still use the ME.


Thanks Dana, that does make me feel better!
It turns out my friend will probably be able to pick us up from the airport anyway…she got the day off, so that will be even better!


So, my friend called them, and straightened them out. If we decide to use ME instead of having her pick us up, I will have to either give them my luggage claim ticket thingies, or I can carry my own luggage. I think I’ll feel better if I carry my own.


What is Magical Express? And which airlines will take the Magical Express. Oh! One more thing where is the Magical Express located at A or B in the Orlando Airport.:confused: