Magical Express Question


My brother is thinking about joining us on our upcoming March trip to the Mouse House :laugh: . He probably won’t know if he’s going until about one week before. We know that the resort is available for an extra room but my question is this: How will Magical Express be able to pick up his luggage if they won’t have any time to send him the yellow tags?:confused:


The easiest way for is for your brother to get his own luggage before checking in with Magical Express. If he doesn’t want to do that he can give them his claim ticket with the numbers on it and tell them what his luggage looks like when he checks in with DME.

It only takes about 10 minutes to claim luggage, I would do that just because I wouldn’t want my luggage going around and around unclaimed on the luggage thing.


Great idea! I’ll have him claim his own luggage and then check in with ME. Thanks for the help Disney Teacher!!:happy:


You’re welcome!

I would think that’s the least stressful way to do it, that way he knows he has his luggage.


If each person in your party gets 2 bag stickers, you may end up with extra yellow tags. could you give him one or two of your tags for his bags. Then at least his bags would end up with you?


Yes, if he’s flying in with them that will work, if he’s not flying in with them I wouldn’t chance that. When you board the bus your ticket is scanned and that’s what tells them to move the luggage to the resort.


you can also use your tags that are extra and put them on his bags- that way ME gets them off the plane and sends them to your room- He can meet them there